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You know what’s sweet? Pez. Okay, in all reality I actually hate the taste of Pez, but I always liked those damn funny pez dispensers. My extremely good looking friend Steve R. mentioned a few weeks ago that he had wanted to try and order a Pez with his face on it. Apparently he actually got a hold of the fine people at Pez and asked them if this was a possibility. Apparently you have to order something ridiculous like 1,000,000 of your own Pez if you actually want your mug on a Pez dispenser. You also have to find a way of getting a face mould of your own head, which is also a sketchy process.

However, this got us to thinking:

“if you had to order 1,000,00 of only one person’s face on a Pez dispenser, whose face would you choose?”

I pose this question out to the wild blue yonder of the internet. Remember, you would have to order a million of these little buggers…

My choices:

*Christopher Walkin (only if I could get them made with real hair…then I could pet him and love him forever)
*Prince (this is for my sister, who I am sure would keep all 1,000,000 of them)

Not such good choices:

*The Elephant Man
*Micheal Jackson
*Liza Minelli
*Bon Jovi (because you’d have to pay extra for all that rock n’ roll hair)

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