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What have I done?!?!

I was just working on what I thought to be a rather tedious presentation on ethics in the nonprofit sector. We are supposed to find an “issue of the week” and present on it. I chose to present on the Animal Liberation Front since the media and the public tend to really hate these organizations. While trying to find some good sources from other animal liberation organizations, I stumbled onto this video. I really reccoment NOT watching this video if you have a weak stomach, because I almost threw up in the library while watching it and had to shut it off before it had even hit the middle of the video.

As my uneasy stomach churned after seeing the images in this video I remembered why I’d chosen to be vegetarian almost 6 years ago. I had forgotten this. Yes, some meat is pretty delicious (just look at my last post!), but I am chosing to go veggie yet again. I suppose I needed a refresher course in why I had chosen this lifestyle in the first place. I’m not preaching to anyone else, but that video was enough to slap me back into the reality of my beliefs. If you like meat, great…hey, beef jerky is delicious. If not, good for you too!

As for me, I’m ridin’ the vegetable train once again after my month-long lapse…right after I gain my appetite back…

People can pretty much be idiots

While exploring the glory of the story about the dude running for office in Kelowna, I stumbled accross this rather ridiculous tale of a kid gluing drugs to his head…

“Drugs smuggled under toupee”

This 19-year-old guy was busted for smuggling drugs from Colombia when customs officers noticed that he was wearing a bad toupee. He apparently glued packets containing $100,000 worth of heroin on to his head and then slapped on a hairpiece. From CBS 5:
“Because he used superglue, they took him to a medical facility to have it removed,” said Officer Jennifer Conners. “Even at that, it pulled out the hair wherever they removed a package, so he ended up looking like a spotted cat.”

What a chump!

Meat and Candy

Over the past three days I have somehow developed a craving for a rather delicious night-time snack only to be consumed after 10pm. I go to a convenience store and buy:

1) Chocolate milk
2) Beef jerky
3) Candy

It’s rather delicious. Someone asked me, “Are you having a little one?” to which I replied, “Only a little beef jerky!”

Anyhow, meat + candy = a fucking taste sensation!

On a less disgusting note, I am going to see Broken Social Scene tomorrow! I’m getting more excited as I know I’ll get to hopefully see the sweet moves of Jason Collett and Feist again! Radcore. I am bringing t-shirt money for sure.

This is so awesome, it doesn’t even need a title


“One of the five candidates running for mayor in Kelowna is suggesting an unusual approach to deal with the city’s drug addicted homeless people. Andrew Uitvlugt says crack cocaine could be used as a reward or incentive to motivate people to pick up garbage in the city. He believes the addicts will start to feel good about themselves and need less crack as a result. Uitvlugt would also like the homeless to have access to the city dump saying they could use scavenged materials to build things and get marketable skills.”

Seriously. This is a real story in the news.

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