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My Humps and How to Drop it Like it’s Hot

I get a real kick out of watching Winston try and hump Zelda. Not because it’s oh so beautiful, but because he has absolutely NO IDEA what he’s doing.  Sometimes he humps her sideways.  Sometimes he’s on her face.  Sometimes SHE humps HIM.  Best dogs ever?  Yes indeed!

I keep leaving these posts until last minute!  Damnit!  Now I’m so tired I don’t know what to say.  

I will say that this is the first time in any Halloween past that I’ve ever seen lineups to get into costume shops.  Like, DOWN THE BLOCK lineups.  I went past two stores today that were STUFFED with people.  It’s like people are late Christmas shopping over here.  These people must be going to awesome and glamorous parties that I am unaware of!

In somewhat crappy news, Zelda scratched her cornea, so now we’ve got to pin her down and put goopy eyedrops in her eyes every day for 2 weeks.  This is actually the first eye injury for either dog, so I think we’ve done okay.  It’s a really minor scratch too, which is a bonus.  No eyeballs popped out, which is great news!  Just a puffy, swollen eye.  Though when the vet put the first drops in her eye opened right up!  These are miracle drops!  Seriously.  She was whimpering last night and all sad, and then BAM, drops go in and she wants to throw her bear stuffy around and have some treats. And join the cast of Dancing with the Pugs.  Because I just saw a clip from the “hip hop” episode, and lost my shit at how terrible Susan Lucci dances.  I felt like I was watching my mom try to drop it like it was hot, but she just basically knelt down and stood up, and then looked at the other woman like she was hot shit.  If you watch, I think it’s around 6:20.  If you blink, you might miss it, because that’s how fly it was.

And please, Lance Bass is just pullin’ moves straight out of the N’Sync handbook. I just saw him do the “Bye bye bye” rodeo twirl.

I don’t even watch this show, but the golden nuggets of yotube clips are enough to keep the lols rolling.

Hit me with your best shot

I don’t know about anyone else on this earth, but I can’t get enough of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.  This is the hottest mess of a show I have ever seen.

Like this shot from last night.  Country boy got all crazy after Tila chose another dude over him to stay, and this guy proceeded to try and beat up dudes, lesbians, the front porch of the house…EVERYTHING.  He was so wrong, but so right to watch. Plus, country dude is an elementary school teacher, or should I say…WAS an elementary school teacher, because who in their right mind would let this guy near another human being ever again??

I don’t know what it is about disasterous shows like that, but holy crap it is just the most entertaining television I have ever seen.

In a few weeks, two of the lesbians get into a fight and one of them tries to rip the other one’s hair out!  What are these people thinking?!  I don’t know, but I know I’m going to keep watching to find out.

 On another note, I was thinking yesterday about the whole technological revolution…

For instance, we are all sitting around, and a lot of us don’t have enough work to do in a day to actually fill an entire day, so what do we do?  We turn to the glorious internet!  We read blogs, we chat to people, we can pretty much do anything because the world is at our fingertips.


Like our moms?  What the hell were they doing to fill all the time?  Was it the emmergence of computers that actually sped up work to a point where we now have enough time left over to surf the internet?  I know typewriters weren’t making things faster…well, exept on the hand-written letter front.  Even then, what the hell were office folk doing in the 60s?!  Were they all just standing around talking?  Were they staring at the wall?

I know at least that my mother currently fills her day with some game called “Bookworm” and likely is also shopping online, but before that, what was she doing?  Is that something I can even ask??

Does anyone have any really old family members they can ask?  I mean, no one wants to get into trouble, so I mean if your grandmother is going to punch you for not finding work to do EVERY MOMENT of your day, I mean, don’t ask.   Someone’s got to know an old person who is still hip with the kids!

Also, I mean, we still DO have the water cooler-esque conversations, but now we have those AND all the time on the internet.  Are we just working a lot less hard because the pace of things are way faster?  I know not everyone in the world is out there reading blogs and stuff, but there sure are a lot of people who are!

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