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I am officially boycotting

the half-jackets and half-shirts I see everywhere. What the hell is up with these? You are paying the price of a full shirt for maybe half the fabric! And then what do you do? You put on a ridiculously long tank top on underneath!

My worst enemy:
The half jean jacket

Three buttons and no purpose!

I got into a dicsussion with Steve R. about what other kinds of half clothing we could think of, but essentially all other forms of clothing have been cut in half already, so it was only a matter of time before someone took away half of a shirt.

Pants = shorts
underwear = thong
bathing suit = bikini


On another note, so far the meds are okay! I could actually concentrate, which is huge for me, because I have a really boring class every Wednesday!


and at the end of the day, I *hopefully will have quit Bux!

Matters of Non-Importance

I don’t have anything of particular interest to say this early in the day except that I changed my online name to “Keith Richards Looks Like a Scarecrow Made Out of Beef Jerkey” and the instant messages came a flyin’ in!

He really does, though.


So today was the frightening day I had to finally see my doctor. I woke up this morning fairly excited to finally be able to get a professional opinion. As the time drew near however, I became extremely scared. So much so that I became panicky in the waiting room. I couldn’t even enjoy the coo of the delightful asian baby seated in his mother’s lap next to me. I became even more scared when I had to explain to the nurse what was wrong. I was shaky and my voice even moreso. My doctor arrived even faster than I thought as well.
I couldn’t look at her as I explained the list of symptoms I have been encountering. I was shaking, my voice trembling, and my eyes nowhere near her gaze upon me. I just stared into a painting as I explained my worry and fright.
So after all was said and done she told me she’s pretty sure I have something to the effect of Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression. Onto some meds I go! She also said she thinks that it could possibly be a thyroid problem, so I had to go have a blood test done today as well. Better safe than sorry, and I’m glad she wanted to test me before giving me some medication I don’t need. Anyhow, I have to go see her next week for a check-in. I have a few weeks worth of Effexor, and she wants me to start counselling as well, which I think is tits because I think that would really help. I think talking to a pro would be really awesome, and at least I’d learn effective ways to deal with my over-thinking and stress. Plus, I’ve had a fairly bizarre life, so it would be good to talk to someone about it (you know, aside from the fact that someday I’ll compile all my musings into my memoirs, which will be awesome).
Anyhow, I have taken one of the Effexor, and so far I’m not nausiated (side-effect) so that’s rad, and I am feeling at least better that I got to talk to someone about my problems. It’s all sweet from here.

Other than the fact that I almost cried in her office…..
On a dissapointing note:
I drove to Shawnessey to get my blood taken all the way from my doctor (who is up North of COP) and IT WAS CLOSED DOWN! DAMNIT (think a 45 min drive to get to the other side of town)! I decided to go buy the new Metric album while I was down there, so I headed to A & B Sound. “It’s not out yet.” DAMN! I guess it’s been delayed, and it’s not out until later next month. So I drove another 15 minutes to another clinic and got my blood taken. What’s so lame about that? They couldn’t seem to actually get ANY blood out of me. I’m sitting with a needle sticking out of my arm, and NOTHING is coming out. What’s also reassuring is that the nurse had to yell, “CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?!” down the hall. Awesome. Apparently I am either:
A) Undead, in which case, I really missed the part where I died OR
B) A Robot.
Anyhow, after a painful 5 minutes of having a needle hanging out of my arm, I was out of there. I don’t acutally mind having blood taken, I had to have that done a lot as a teenager, but man, when you have to sit there while someone tries to figure out why you aren’t bleeding is another story…

On a wonderful/fantastic note:
I got a call from the hospital! I get to bring my police check in on Thursday and fill out some paperwork! I am days away from a new job that pays like SO SO SO much better than Bux. YAY!
Like $5 more an hour than bux, muahahahaha! I AM GOING TO QUIT SOON!!!
So it should take about 2 weeks, maybe more to feel the effects of Effexor, but so far, things are looking up…


This one’s for Dan


You know when…

you’re in the library trying to do homework and someone farts but you have no idea where it came from because there’s people pretty much on every side of you?


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Can I get some advice???

Okay, I have a problem and I need the much-valued advice of my blogging friends.

Wednesday, October 5th is the Arcade Fire concert. The Arcade Fire is pretty much my favortie band and I bought tickets to go to their concert back in August. If I don’t go to this concert I won’t see this band probably for another 2 years.

I’ve been assigned a paper that is due October 5th in my ethics class. I know I can get this paper to my prof before I have to go to the concert because I have a class with her in the morning. However, there is a mid-term in the class the following Wednesday, so by going to the concert, I will miss her 3 hour class and any information regarding the mid-term.


I would like to go talk to her about the fact that I’ll be missing class, but I am not sure what to say. I can either tell her I am going to a concert and have her potentially be pissed off that I’m missing class to see a concert, or I can tell her something else. My problem with lying about this is that it’s an ETHICS class.


should I just tell her the truth and risk the anger or does anyone else have another suggestion?

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