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Class is IN!

*Steve is not only my love, but my best friend, and someone I trust with my life.  We make a great team, and he is absolutely wonderful to be with.

*I love my two dogs with all my heart.  They are a huge part of why I can handle a lot of things in life, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

*Sometimes the stuff you thought was going to be bad isn’t so bad after all

*Going to church isn’t so bad when you find a copy of “Kiss and Blog” in the pew

*The reason my feet are never cold at home is because the dogs are always laying on them!

*My mom can be really wonderful, loving, and understanding…likely on special occasions

*Leaving Vancouver for Calgary made it feel like I went back in time and living in Vancouver with Steve and the dogs was just a great dream…luckily it’s reality!

*I absolutely think that moving to Vancouver was the best decision I  have ever made, and I doubt I’ll ever return to Calgary to live there again.

And now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…

Hello, friends!  I am back from Calgary, or as I like to call it, “everything is brown like a turd town!”

I’ll post about the randomness of the holidays soon, but I just wanted to say hello again to everyone, and yes indeed, I have many a story to tell you!

Oh, and I guess the people in the US don’t know what Boxing Day is, but it’s kind of the same as Black Friday, except it’s the day after Christmas, so you get up all early after Xmas to plow people down for good deals on winter stuff.  I got some mad deals, I gotta say!

I think the most important thing I learned while I was gone was just how much I love my dogs.  I mean, I knew I loved them a lot, but the bond I have with them made me absolutely ache for my puggies while I was away.  All I can say is, it’s good to be back!!!

Bon Voyage!

Well, tomorrow I am off to Calgary with Steve, and sadly we have to leave the doggies behind!  I am seriously broken-hearted about that, but I am also excited to see my family again, so I guess I have to give one up to get the other!  Aaaah!  WHY NOT BOTH?!!  Poop.

I will be gone from tomorrow until Boxing Day, and I’m sure I will have many a story to tell!  I just want to wish everyone a really Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing all of your stories too when I get back!

Peace out!  Merry Christmas!

I think I think a little too often…

You know motivation is at an all-time low when you wear a sweater to work that you wore to bed the night before.  Okay, before you think of me wearing some kind of like Harry Potter sweatshirt to work, it’s actually a cableknit sweater, so I don’t look THAT bad.  Interestingly enough, I actually FORGOT that our staff Christmas party is tonight, OOPS!  I really like to look classy for special occasions.  Ah well!

 On another note, can I just say how TENSE my back is since getting that tattoo??  It took THREE HOURS to ink those pugs onto me, and now it feels like someone has ripped my epidermis off my back!  It’s like having a really bad sunburn in a contained area.  Boo!  I love it though, but I suddenly realized why people go to several sessions for large tattoos.

 Can I also say that there was another woman getting a nice tattoo in the shop, and that she let it slip that she was wearing $600 JEANS.  WHY?!  Hi, I’m over here in my $5 used jeans, and you are over there in your possibly GOLD-PLATED pants!  I gave a close look at those jeans, and I can tell you that they look like something from a shitty teen store.  You know the ones where they sell clothing made of no natural materials?  Yeah.  And they had WHITE stitching?  Um, 1984 called, they want their pants back!  BOOHYA!

Also, last night Zelda went on a licking spree and actually managed to lick off all of my eye makeup on my left eye.  She’s still alive, so that’s a good sign!

Here it is! (in all its gooey, post tattoo glory)

Sorry it’s a little blurry, and it’s got a titload of delicious plasma (YUM!) on it, but this is my tattoo!  It’s on the lower left part of my back.  I love it!

Pug Tattoo!

Oh my gosh, dudes.  I am getting a pug tattoo this afternoon and I am totally over-the-top excited about it.  I have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut over this because I wanted it to be an awesome surprise, but Steve’s paying for my pug tattoo as my xmas present!

That’s right ladies, no diamonds for me, I prefer drawings of my dogs!  Woo!

Oh man though, only 4 1/2 hours left until I am pugged for life!  Eeek!  It’s going to take about an hour, maybe 2, but I will definitely post a photo once it’s on me!  I even designed the whole thing myself (so please, be nice when you see it ,okay?)


I don’t see it, but apparently someone out there does…

Have you ever heard of a Santa fetish?  Okay, Steve and I were talking like a month ago and he predicted that there are people out there with a Santa fetish, which frankly…um…GROSS.

And I’m not even talking like this:

We’re talking this:

or maybe more realistically, this:

Mmmm, doesn’t that look crazy delicious?

I just happened to have had breakfast with Santa at my work on Saturday morning (he was making a guest appearance) and he said that he’s had a few older women on his lap that have suggested that he’d get pretty dirty going down the chimney, and that he might need to take a hot shower with them to get all the soot off.

Seriously, hearing that come out of Santa’s mouth was like seeing a fish walk on land.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  WHERE IS MRS. CLAUS???

 It’s no longer, “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus,” but more like, “I saw mommy forcefully accosting Santa Claus…”

and so are the days of our lives…

Oh natalie dee, your pug cartoons are always right on point.

On what a sappy baby I am.

Okay, I was just writing an email to my friend, Amanda (pugmanda, woo!) and then I told her this story and I was pretty much thinking, um, this is so ridiculous I need to tell the world about what a crybaby I am.

 So on Monday night Elf was on.  You know, that movie with Will Ferrell.

So I wanted to watch it because I’d never seen it, but I heard it was pretty good.  And you know what?  IT WAS.  But the ridiculous part is that I CRIED AT THE END OF THE MOVIE.  I fucking CRIED watching Elf. 

Okay, I am a crier.  Like, I will cry while watching “A Baby Story” and “A Wedding Story”, or like if a fucking puppy is born, but while watching ELF?!  Am I that sappy?!

Steve was just laughing at me and was like, “Aww, honey, that’s so sweet, you cry at like puppies and kittens and babies being born….” and then BLAM!  I start crying again and I’m like LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL!!!!  WAAAAAAAAH!

Now, who wants to watch Finding Neverland with me?  I guarantee you’ll be able to catch a ferry ride OFF OF MY RIVER OF TEARS.

It’s Friday!

and everything about the above photo is great.  They really capture the spirit of “Friday,” don’t you think?

 I talked to the man at the DREAM JOB place, and apparently there are TWO jobs being hired for in the beginning of January, and he’d like to interview me for both of them, so let’s all hope that I am not over-dazzling in my next interview with them come January.  Perhaps I should wear less glitter and diamonds?

In more hilarious news, a co-worker phoned me this morning to tell me that he hit someone with his car.  Now, before you comment on how terrible it is that I think this is funny, let me explain.  I guess he was driving last night, at which point we can all gather that it was dark out.  He goes to turn onto another road, making a right-hand turn, when out of nowhere, this little woman runs out into the road.  So my friend slams on his breaks because this woman didn’t use a crosswalk like NORMAL HUMANS, and I guess he hits her at about 5km/h, which pretty much just knocks her over.  Now the messed up part is that the woman just gets back up and starts running to catch a bus on the other side of the road!  She misses the bus and looks all grumpy, so my friend gets out of his car and is all like, “OH MY GOD, ARE YOU OKAY?!?!” to which she answers, “YOU MADE ME MISS MY BUS!!!” and then runs off!

WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?!  She was literally more angry about missing the bus than the fact that she was JUST HIT BY A CAR.

This city is bonkers!

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