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What is it with dudes at the hospital and looking at me like I look like this chick?! Have they never seen a woman before? I have never felt so oggled in my life as I did today and I was wearing effin’ scrubs! WTF?! Yesterday some dude came into the area I work in and was like, “Yeah, my buddy told me to tell the ‘cute girl’ he says hi.” I told him to go get the product he wanted himself. Then today this loser was back with the dude who apparently has a total boner for me. They walked by my desk like 15 times and kept looking in. YEAH. I’M IN HERE. I WORK HERE. Then the loser was like, “Hey, there’s that cute girl again, workin’ hard…” Then the tard that likes me brought me a cookie. Then he introduced himself to me and I tried to walk away but he stuck out his damn hand for a handshake. I should have spit in his hand…I think he would have gotten the point then. Then two porters were all google-eyed at me when they’d have to talk to me. They’re all smiles and, “I’ll see you later…” and walk away like they are the shit. GUESS WHAT?! Any loser who tries to pick up a chick at a hospital, let alone, WHILE HE IS WORKING, is a sleaze-bag. Enough said. I have a rather delightful boyfriend that I love very much, so unless you are my boyfriend in an ugly costume, I suggest you bark up someone else’s tree.

The skanks hang out at Cowboy’s my good men, not working at a hospital trying to do some good in the world.

November 2005
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