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My sister just left after visiting with my niece for a few days over the long weekend. I’m pretty sure that because I am going to be alone tonight until 11pm that I will likely be lonely.
You have a 6 year old around and then BOOM, they are gone and there’s no noise. What will I do?!
I miss my sister and my niece already, waaaah *insert copious amounts of whining here*
However, I do love Vancouver, so at least I still get to live somewhere awesome.
Also, I am very gassy today. I can’t think why. I eat the same crap every day! Except today I am eating grapes, but I’m pretty sure grapes don’t make you fart.
Or do they??

Choose your own adventure

Yes, it’s been a long time since a post.  I am still pretty uninspired to write anything.  Even now I can’t really think of the right words to write.  I remember early on I was writing paragraphs and paragraphs in great detail, but for some reason I am just not inspired to do that lately.  I suppose it’s also because I don’t have time at work, so my thoughts during the day go un-written.  Even if I jot down an idea, I don’t always feel the same way by the time I get home and can actually post it, which sucks.  I have been doing this for something like 5 years now, so there was bound to be a lull at some point.
I tried playing around with formatting, but I’m not terribly happy with the format.  I have ideas, but I can’t seem to put them to illustration with wordpress.  I guess that’s the limiting factor of wordpress.  And really I wouldn’t pay someone a ton of money to program something for me anyway.  Maybe that’s the frustrating part about working with designers, you get all this creative energy, but you don’t have the knowledge to actually make it happen yourself?  I guess I need to take some graphic design courses!
Maybe it’s the name of the blog?  Maybe I just need a re-name?  but nobody likes updating links, right?
I’ll figure out something.  I just need a jolt of inspiration.
Maybe you guys can tell me what your favorite stuff to read about is, and what your fave stuff to write about is?  No limits!

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