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All the yarn you can handle

It’s that time of year when I pick up my crochet hook and knitting needles and attempt to further learn how to work with yarn!  I am such an old lady.  Whatever, old ladies are sweet.

This weekend I’ve almost finished a little crochet hat, as my head gets extremely cold here in the Autumn and Winter.  Humidity?  Indeed.  Apparently the hat I’m making is called a rasta hat, but I didn’t want to make it so huge, so it’s going to look like this:

Next, I will work my way up to this hat:

complete with glass head!

Then I’ll work my way up to the delightful Japanese amigurumi cat:

And then to my project that I’ve been working on and off on for a year, argh!

I used a slightly different colour than this, but it looks the same.  I will be wearing this scarf ALL THE TIME, let me tell you.  I started this scarf in January of this year, and then stopped for the summer, as I can’t stand working with yarn when it’s hot out.  I am bound and determined to finish it!  Now if I can just stop with all of the other projects I keep starting…

Pink Triangle


Ask me how the hell I ended up crocheting a pink triangle, and I wouldn’t know any more than you would!

As you can see, I am getting the hang of crochet, but apparently I am not counting my stitches or something, or maybe I secretly wand to knit a tiny bikini?  I guess it’s good that I actually make something that doesn’t look like a giant lump of yarn like the last one did!

I’d really like to crochet something like this eventually:


but for now all I can do is make bikinis…

Perhaps I can become the hottest new winter bikini designer??

Am I making good time on this?


Check out my crazy eyes in this photo!  I look like this right now after spending the past 4 hours trying to teach myself to crochet.  I made that dumpy little piece of crap that I have displayed so gracefully on my head.  So far, that’s all I’ve made by crocheting, and I’m sure it took me about ten times longer than someone experienced, but it’s all about practice, right?  Is four hours to learn to crochet making good time?  Does anyone else out there know how to crochet?  Oh man I could have stabbed myself in the beginning, but it’s getting easier.

In other news, Winston is ferociously humping Zelda tonight.  I don’t know why tonight out of all nights, but he’s really loving it today.  Maybe it’s the joy of the season that brings dogs boners, I just don’t know.

What I do know is, I am cross-eyed now from trying to crochet!  Who needs liquor?!

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