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Seriously, the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet.

Have you ever had a cat? Do you like/hate cats? Have you ever seen/heard a cat in heat?

Then you will LOVE THIS.

I especially feel that the Duke will enjoy this one, as he had seen one of my cats in heat.

Demented Dimensions

Let’s talk about Dimensions! I was watching Steve angrily play a game of Golden Axe on the Wii, and I got to thinking about dimensions. I can’t remember how I brought it up, but I have always been under the impression that the first dimension exists strictly in two directions–one or the other. Back and forth, but with no further direction. Say for instance, that you are playing sonic the hedgehog.

Sonic can only move in two directions, forward and back. He can’t move within the scenery. Though the scenery behind him would suggest that there are two dimensions. Now, two dimensions has usually meant to me, drawing something to look 3-dimensional on paper. But now as I discuss that, I learn that paper itself is a 3-dimensional object!

I was under the impression that if the “idea” of space was indicated, but not existent, that it was two dimensional. Such is how I thought of Golden Axe, because the characters can move around, back and forth, but also side to side, although no indication of dimension is indicated by anything like light/shadow…
I finally got to looking up what was going on with all the crazy dimensions. Let’s look at this diagram:

The dot is considered the zero dimension. It has no height or width. There’s literally “nothing to it.”
The line is the first dimension. It has height. Up and down.
The square has height and width, so it is the second dimension.
The cube is the third dimension is the cube. It has height, width, and depth.
The messed up part is the fifth shape, which I can’t remember the name for. Anyhow, it’s the fourth dimension, which consists of height, width, depth, and time.

TIME?! How the hell do you draw time?!

Did you know that theorists claim up to ELEVEN dimensions?!

Science is crazy!

A Tale of Two Pugs

I don’t know what it is about pugs, but they just seem to bring something really special to life. It might just be me and Steve, but does anyone else get extremely excited when they see a pug passing by them? I can’t explain the automatic reaction I have, but whether I’m driving, or walking to the corner store, if I see a pug, I go absolutely bonkers with love and admiration for the dog. Any time I see a pug when I’m driving, I am compelled (but never do) to pull over and ask the person walking it what they dog is like, does it do the classic “woowoo” bark? Does it have stinky farts too?! Do you love this breed as much as I do?!?!
Steve and I have been out walking about when we’ve spotted pugs before, and we always make sure to say hello and have a good pet. Most of the time, I find pug parents to be very kind people. It is a rarity to find a pug owner who doesn’t want to share their dog with the entire world. When I come across someone like that, I just marvel at the fact that they look uncomfortable with someone trying to make conversation about their dog…
I guess for me, having a dog is like having this key to a world full of really friendly people. Winston and Zelda often enjoy a good scruffy petting from a passer by, and I’m sure they’ve come to expect the “awwww” noises at their adorableness and the excited exclamations of, “Look! It’s a PUG!” that is often heard on our “walkies.”
Really I think Zelda and Winston’s egos’ get a little deflated when someone walks by them without making a remark. Such is the life of a pug.
I can’t express enough though, how much these two little dogs mean to me. They have brought nothing but happiness to my life. I wake up in the morning to two excited little smushy-faced puppies who I adore. We play for a bit, I feed them, and it’s off to work. When I get home I am overjoyed by the fact that these two little creatures are absolutely ecstatic to see me home. Hell, even when I come upstairs from the laundry room, they get a serious case of wiggles and give little puppy kisses as if to say, “Oh my gosh! I thought you were NEVER coming back!”
I absolutely adore these pugs, and all pugs. I remember that until I had them that I didn’t really know what to do with dogs. It was like they were this really foreign being that came from another planet. Luckily all that changed when Steve and I had to rescue a dog that was abandoned in our back yard. Sadly, we couldn’t keep the particular dog that was dropped off in the night, but it sparked something inside of us that made us wonder if we would be good parents to a dog.
I remember picking up Winston…driving for hours to get him, and meeting the wonderfully kind woman who bred him. I remember walking into their garage/pug mommy care centre and seeing a flood of tiny little piggy-faced beings cover my legs with little paws and kisses. I remember seeing the little marshmallow of wrinkles that would be the first dog I would own. I was instantly in love.
And I remember picking up Zelda. Not a long drive, but seeing her tiny two pound sleepy self being carried to me by a young relative of the breeder…she was so little! We were floored that this little button of a dog was going to get to come home with us.
Needless to say they are growing up to be wonderful little creatures with the most loving and forgiving personalities I’ve ever seen.
I guess I should say a thank you to the person who left their dog in our back yard. Even though we couldn’t save that particular dog, I am forever grateful that they sparked the idea to adopt a dog in the first place. It truly changed my life.

You’ve been FURminated!

At first I was thinking, okay, they SAY that this FURminator can get rid of basically shitloads of dog hair, but I thought…nah, not on a pug. I was out this weekend with Winston and Zelda, and ended up finding the FURminator at a pet store. Expensive for a brush? Yes! It costs $44 for a small brush, but it has a 30 day money-back guarantee, which I like.
So I bought one to experiment with, and HOLY CRAP. I seriously cannot rave about this brush enough.

This is literally close to how much hair I got off of Winston. My apologies that I do have a photo, but it’s on Steve’s laptop. So much hair came off of him though! Normally I can get some hair off of him, but this brush took off a whole other dog’s worth of hair! I wouldn’t really say it does much for a black pug because they only have one coat, but man oh man, if you want a whole new dog, just brush it with one of these!

100% amazing.

Sofa King Awesome.

Steve sent me a link to this earlier today. It’s a freaking LEGO COUCH! Can you believe it?! I am seriously considering this over the other couch, not only because it’s amazing, but it’s half the price of the red couch AND you can move all the pieces around AND AND AND it’s made of vinyl, thus making the couch easy to clean if the pugs get messy. My only concern is that it’s not going to be very comfy….eeehhhhhhh…

I’m still thinking a leather couch might be a better call…

Back in Business!

I’m baaaaaack! Hoorayness! I finally managed to get my new laptop! It blows that I had to buy a new one, but I shouldn’t have to buy a new one again for another four years or so. I’m sure Apple will come out with something even more amazing that I’ll want to buy but don’t really need. WELCOME TO THE FUTURE!!!

So I guess luckily it snowed last night, so I had to keep my huge ass boobs under a sweater today. Who knew some cleavage could cause such a ruckus?! I didn’t hear anything from my boss today, so I figured that she thought my boobs were under control.

I am pretty tired of my job though. My mom ended up finding out second hand that I’m looking to move to Vancouver with Steve, and she and my step-dad are on a high horse, assuming that I don’t know that my job pays me a ridiculous amount of money. Yes, I DO get it, but that’s not the point. If all I wanted was money, I’m sure I’d be extremely happy about my job, but in all truth, I hate the atmosphere of an office setting. I don’t like sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. I’d rather be on the front line, actually helping people. That’s why I got a degree in nonprofit management! I want to make a difference, not sit inside all day. I know my job is important, and that my workplace couldn’t operate as effectively without me, but it doesn’t really give me anything “back.” I honestly think I could be happier making minimum wage at a pet store! Ha! Oh well, we’ll see what happens in July when I have to look for a Vancouver job!

Anyhow, Zelda is whining a ton, so I gots some puppy play time to have!

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