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Need I say more? This was amazing.

Visit from a little green machine…

I could pretty much throw my hands around this thing and say, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!”  It’s that good.  I want to give it a spare room in the apartment it’s so good.

I’ve been wavering on whether to buy this thing because I didn’t know if it would really work on tough pet stains.  I’ve researched all over the internet and managed to find more good reviews on this little dude than any other compact carpet cleaner.  

Having pugs and a fabric sofa AND carpet is a bad idea, but we rent, so that’s just the way it has to be.  The dogs have slobbered all over the sofa, so there were several ringed spots on the seat cushion, and our poor couch isn’t that old, and I looooove the design:


So this isn’t our exact couch, as our couch is turquoise, but this is the same design.  May I just say that this couch has the perfect lay-on-the-couch-and-rest-your-head height?  

And the darn thing wasn’t cheap, either, so who would want to replace a sofa once a year?

So anyway, I poured the sample bottle of solution into the Little Green Machine and was on my way!  I cleaned the seat cushions thoroughly, and cleaned some “ify” spots on the rug, and sure enough, the staining is all gone!  I had to buy another replacement container of the solution, but that’s no worries because this little machine is AMAZING.  The stains are out, the smells are out, and I’m pretty sure that now our dog-loving sofa will last for years!

Pet owners rejoice at the power of the Little Green Machine!

Wash that butt!


Things must be too hot in my household because the hot water went out again.  The odd thing is that the cold water is actually warmer than the HOT water.  I don’t know how they manage to do it, but the water that’s supposed to be hot is travelling up umpteen floors and then dumping ice cold water into the tub.
That’s fine on the weekend, but I am a body-cleanliness freak, so if I don’t shower once a day, I feel pretty gross until I can shower again.  Actually, this was also fine when I worked at the hospital and was just wearing scrubs because really, everyone is pretty much wearing pajamas to work.  In a smaller office setting though, no shower = no fun! 
This happened about three months ago and I felt disgusting all day, and wouldn’t let anyone in the office come near me until the next day.
Today though?  Today I am smelling sweet as a flower.  I’m not overly aware of any random odors, so things are looking good.  I can’t decide if I ought to get in the shower after work, because do I really want to have to blow dry/reapply makeup when I am pretty sure all I will be doing is cleaning?  Not so much. I’m thinking a nice pug snuggle is more appealing, and really, they bathe what?  Once a month? 
Also, somehow my hair ended up coming out fabulous from sleeping on it with hairspray, which happens maybe twice a year, so I figure I ought to just go with it!  Let the miracles work my friends, the magical hair fairies have struck my tangerine head with a great hair day (my hair was recently dyed copper).
One thing that bothers me about not showering in the morning is that I can’t seem to wash my hands enough to make them feel clean.  They just feel dirty ALL DAY.  Sucks to that!  I get the same feeling with my face as well, as if I have some sort of greasy gross face (I don’t, thanks!), but man, I just can’t shake the “I haven’t showered” feeling on those two body parts.
And on another note, how often do you wash your hair?  I have been an avid hair-washer since I can remember because I had such oily skin when I was young that my hair would grease up within 24 hours.  I guess I never grew out of thinking that my hair was a greasy mess for some reason?  I can maybe make it 2 days without washing OR water, but I absolutely need a wash on day three.  And for those of you not washing your hair every day, do you get it wet?  I’m just wondering how all these women can put hair products in their hair and not have to wash, or at least get it wet, daily?


Cafe Au Crap

Each morning I need a coffee.  As of late I’ve been drinking mistos, which are half a cup of coffee, half a cup of milk.  Easy, right?
This morning I walked to 4 different coffee shops, thus making me 20 minutes late, all in an effort to get a damn coffee.  The first two had lineups out the door…
“okay, I’ll just go to the library food court…”
I get my order in and OOPS, NO DEBIT = NO COFFEE FOR YOU.
So I keep walking to work.
I find yet another, smaller coffee shop.  I order and somehow my order turns into an Americano misto, thus adding another chunk of time onto my order.  Then, the girl asks me how to make it.
“Half coffee, half milk, and if you could maybe put some hazelnut syrup in it, that would be cool.”
And she hands it back to me, and it doesn’t look right, but I am already 20 min late, and if the damn cup has caffeine in it, I will drink the damn thing.
I try to put the lid on my mug and burn my hand because she has filled my cup SOOOOOO full with hot water.  So I clean up, and have to walk another block with my not-so-closed-because-its-too-full mug.
And now that I am at work and have tasted it, I am not entirely sure what I am drinking!
This order took maybe a minute yesterday, and then today it turned into a big TO DO.  Waaaaahhhh, I just need to stay awake!  My poor, caffeine addicted body!
I should just drink a Pepsi and say to hells with this!
Also, completely off-topic, I am seeing a lot of bird parts strewn all over the sidewalk lately in this city.  Aliens?  Hobos?  Rabid kitties?  No one knows for sure.  We’re talking all kinds of parts, too.  Heads, wings, something that looked like a bird foot today…and all right in the middle of the sidewalk.  I mean, I guess a bird is good nutrition if you’re desperate, but to just rip it apart on the sidewalk?  Ah, you know what, I am going to assume it’s just a giant alien cat and call it a day!

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

I’m looking to “lighten” my closet, and I still have plenty of good pieces, but there’s no good place to donate clothing to that I can actually walk to downtown, and I’d sort of feel guilty just throwing this stuff out because it’s in good condition, I just happen to be very fickle and impulsive and end up not wearing some stuff more than a few times.  Bad habit, I know, but, I’m trying to buy more things that I can wear with other portions of my wardrobe to make it more versatile.  Thus, I must huck a bunch of stuff out of my closet!
I was thinking about putting stuff up on ebay, but ebay takes a portion of your earnings and then I’d have to go through the trouble of sending the items to whoever buys it, etc.  In short, I am sort of lazy, but at least this would make me some money.  Unless no one buys anything, and then really I will have SPENT money trying to make money…ehhhh….
There’s also a group on Flickr that is a “swap” group where you post a photo of your item and then people swap for other items, but really, there’s nothing on there that I’m really excited to swap for, so that just seems like a waste.
I could also just post some photos and be like, “okay, if you want this, just pay the shipping and I’ll send it to you for free (well, less the shipping fee)” but I don’t know if that would work?
Maybe I should post some photos on here and see what you all think?  It’s just one of those things where my closet is too full and so I’ve needed to take out anything that isn’t in a good rotation, thus, giving me more room for stuff! Huzzah!
What do you normally do when you clean out the closet?

Scratch that Itch

I’ve been painting my nails for the past month, and so far it’s been a pretty nice little relaxing thing I can do once a week.  I haven’t worn nail polish for maybe eight years though because I stopped wearing it while I was working my first real job at Blockbuster Video.  I use the term “real” loosely.  When you work at Starbucks you’re not supposed to wear nail polish, lest a piece of you polish fly off your nail and into a latte for some unsuspecting sucker to ingest!
Since the bux I’ve just been too lazy to paint my nails, but now that OPI has become pretty standard for being a reliable nail lacquer, I’ve been experimenting more with colors.
So after a string of very bright colors (yellow being the last) I decided to paint my nails with a cheapy Rimmel polish called “Pink Opal.”
Three coats later and I am stuck in that “can’t do anything with your hands at all or you will eff your nails and have to start all over” phase.  With OPI I think that phase lasts like 2 minutes, but I must have forgotten my cheaper polish application would need a good 10 minutes before I could do anything.
So I go to bed and I test my nails to see if I’ll get the dreaded “sheet crease” in any of the nails, but it feels good, so I think I’m okay.
Then I get an itch on my ass.  And I go deep, forgetting that I have just recently applied nail polish, and shouldn’t be excavating any itches until the next day, after the polish has had a chance to harden.  So I scratch, thus relieving my butt itch.
Then I notice that the polish on my index (re: scratching finger du jour) has pushed back from the sheer force of my scratching!  And I am out of nail polish remover!
So now I have to look at my index finger until I get more polish remover and know that I was ass-deep in scratches last night in bed.
I call it, “The Finger of Shame!”

Not Mimi!

I’m sorry to say that the pug with the world’s weirdest looking mom has died!  Apparently Mimi Larue died of natural causes yesterday at the ripe pug age of 11.  Now I don’t even have a reason to look at Tori Spelling without that gorgeous star of a pug!  I would have probably gotten them confused in person anyway.

Memes and More Memes

Rules: Each player answers the questions about themselves.  I would post the part about other people having to do this, but frankly, I am too lazy!

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
I believe I was spending the summer as a cherry picker in Creston, BC. Two friends and I got jobs for a while picking fruit to send overseas. We’d get up at 4am, pick cherries until 9am, then sleep for four hours and then go swimming. It was pretty wicked. Except picking the top of a cherry tree. Tops of cherry trees can eat a bag of dicks!

2. Five Things on my to-do list today.
-Return eyeshadow to MAC (too yellow, if you’re interested)

-Take picture of outfit for Wardrobe Remix on Flickr

-Snuggle and play with pugs

-Try to figure out if I want to cut my hair at ALL tomorrow (getting it colored, woo!)

-Finish my stuff for Accounts Receivable at work! Blarg!

3. Three snacks I enjoy.
-Cheese and crackers

-Potato chips


4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
-Wipe butt with money

-send butt money to people I don’t like…wait…they could wash it though…

-Buy a house in Vancouver

-Buy a boat

-Pay off debt, pay of Steve’s debt, give family money, etc…but you want to hear the FUN stuff

-go to Japan for 3 months

-Go to Europe for 3 months

-On second thought, maybe I’ll just BUY JAPAN!

-Have Lindsay Lohan offed in an unfortunate self-tanning accident

5. Three of my bad habits.
-Losing stuff at home (keys, cell, pants…)

-Biting cuticles on my right thumb

-I might put nappig here too, but let’s face it, naps are GREAT.

6. Five places I have lived.
I think I’ve done this one before, but anyhow:

-Banff, AB

-Calgary, AB

-Creston, BC

-Vancouver, BC

7. Five jobs I have had.
-CSR at Blockbuster

-Marketing Assistant for Big Brothers and Big Sisters

-Donor Relations Officer for _____ (leaving this blank because we all know I didn’t like this job)

-Office Manager at Harvest Project

-Supply Attendant at a Hospital

Love: Keeping your dogs away from your food.

Choose your own adventure

Yes, it’s been a long time since a post.  I am still pretty uninspired to write anything.  Even now I can’t really think of the right words to write.  I remember early on I was writing paragraphs and paragraphs in great detail, but for some reason I am just not inspired to do that lately.  I suppose it’s also because I don’t have time at work, so my thoughts during the day go un-written.  Even if I jot down an idea, I don’t always feel the same way by the time I get home and can actually post it, which sucks.  I have been doing this for something like 5 years now, so there was bound to be a lull at some point.
I tried playing around with formatting, but I’m not terribly happy with the format.  I have ideas, but I can’t seem to put them to illustration with wordpress.  I guess that’s the limiting factor of wordpress.  And really I wouldn’t pay someone a ton of money to program something for me anyway.  Maybe that’s the frustrating part about working with designers, you get all this creative energy, but you don’t have the knowledge to actually make it happen yourself?  I guess I need to take some graphic design courses!
Maybe it’s the name of the blog?  Maybe I just need a re-name?  but nobody likes updating links, right?
I’ll figure out something.  I just need a jolt of inspiration.
Maybe you guys can tell me what your favorite stuff to read about is, and what your fave stuff to write about is?  No limits!

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