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The Dog Park, Y’all!

Three words: BIG ASS DOG!

Baby Zelda had a blast scootin’ around!

Winston met a little jack russel terrier buddy!

There’s nothing like the ears of a pug flapping like little wings when they run…although it doesn’t seem to make them go any faster…

This boston terrier was pretty fly. She wouldn’t even let anyone throw the ball, she just sat around gloating the whole time.

This is pretty much the expression that Winston makes the whole time we’re at the park.

A lovely little frenchie named Lola.

Winston, looking to the future. So masculine. It’s like he’s in a Calvin Klein ad.


On another note, do your dogs go absolutely bat shit crazy after a bath?  I don’t know if its the fact that they just got out of the tub or what, but Winston and Zelda are INSANE after a bath.  It’s like there’s this regular, average level of humping that Winston tries to do on a daily basis to Zelda, but then after a bath he takes it up a notch and pretty much tries to make a porno with her after getting out of the tub.

So this leaves two options…

1) Average, sane dogs that smell


2) Insane dogs that smell nice

Either way, one of them is getting punched.

Punched with love, of course.

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