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I’m not dead!

Sorry dudes, it’s been a ridiculous amount of time without blogging. I will be back into it soon, I was just taking an impromptu break full of snuggling pugs and celebrating my 4 year anniversary with Steve! I have a friend in town right now too, but come the end of the month I promise I’ll get my shiz back together!

Goin’ all CSI

Well folks, it’s the second monday in a row that there’s been absolutely no hot water. So for the second monday in a row, I am at work, feeling gross because I feel like I absolutely stink and everyone else in here is freshly showered. Luckily I wiped myself down with a baby wipe, as I keep them handy to wipe crap off of the pugs. So maybe I smell like just a little stink, and then just a little aloe. Okay, and maybe throw in deodorant and perfume. I assume I’m smelling pretty neutral.
My hands don’t feel greasy or slimy today, so that’s good. I won’t have to feel the ocd compulsion to bathe in steaming hot water. Well, at least not until I get home. Which will be after I attempt to return two makeup products.
So I go to Sears and buy this concealer and primer for my face, as they both had good reviews. I’ll keep the label hush hush because I have to return it today. Or at least try! Anyhow, no one was at said makeup counter, so I had to ask someone from another counter to get the makeup for me. She did and I paid and that was all fine and good. Then I get home and realize when I pump the primer into my hand that it’s the wrong colour (these come in colours). So I guess that has to go back. Then I try the concealer, which was more like lard than concealer, so I figured that ought to go back too. I try taking it to the counter when someone is actually working and what happens? “Oh, you’ve opened them, you can’t take them back. You can have store credit though.”
I actually had purchased a product at the Bay from the same makeup line and RETURNED it the day before, so what’s up with this counter? Anyway, needless to say I didn’t return for a credit. I took both products home and figured out a way to make them look completely unused, because frankly, this shit was expensive and I want my money back because I am not satisfied. So I cleaned out the pump for he primer, and put the concealer in the microwave to erase my fingerprints. Which took an hour. Oh brother. BUT! Now I can return both products, or at least as far as I know. I guess we’ll see how well I can persuade the sales girl…WITH PUNCHES.

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