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Pugs…in…SPAAAAAAAAACE! (and beside a marshmallow volcano)

So here’s my first attempt at putting the pugs in various places: and for Ultra Toast, I felt like since you said you’d enjoy the volcano as well, I’d put you in the picture, too….with a novelty hat, just for good measure.

Best. Dogs. Ever.


If only my house weren’t strewn with shoes and a laptop cable, this would have been the perfect shot!  BLAST!!!  I am thinking of just photoshopping outer space behind them.  Any requests for what you’d like me to photoshop these two puggies in front of?

And yes, I know I haven’t posted in forever, but it was my birthday and I got another tattoo and so many stories that I need to write about!  I shall update more often now that the chaos is over!

Written yesterday, but still funny

I just hit a point in my day where I am so terribly tired that I started typing what I was thinking into an email to my boss, though I am sure he wouldn’t know what the status of the “Clown with a dirty hat” is.  OH BROTHER.  For some reason I have also ended up sketching a clown wearing a dirty hat.  I am not even a big fan of clowns???  WHY ALL THE CLOWNS?!

Yes, my lack of sleep came from the pugs, but I never really blame them, as they’re just trying to get some sleep, too.  I woke up last night before sunrise to see that I had been moved way over to the edge of the bed, off my pillow, and I look up to see Zelda laying on my pillow, and Winston laying in my spot in bed with his head taking up the last of the pillow space.  How does this happen when I sleep???  I’m pretty sure I went to bed with my body splayed out all over the place, so how did I manage to scrunch my body into a foldable home gym shape?!
It was pretty hot last night as well.  Or maybe I was still sweating from the intense game of Bocce that Steve and I RULED at.  It’s so tiring being good at bowling-type sports.
Hey, I even won silver at a curling match having never curled before.  Maybe I am just naturally good at relaxed sports that you can drink and play at the same time.  Though, that would make for a very interesting badminton game.

By the Seawall…

Steve and I found a live starfish!  Unfortunately I was dressed maybe “not so well” in lovely little shoes that wouldn’t allow me to venture out and see it first hand.

The tide got really high last night and washed ashore the elusive “sea broccoli”, which you non-Vancouverites might just call “garbage”.  But I think we all see the treasure of broccoli here.  It doesn’t look like terribly old broccoli, either, so how the hell did it end up in the inlet???  Actually, truth be told I saw at least 3 tampon applicators washed ashore in all this crap within about 30 seconds, which doesn’t speak very well for the quality of water.  I just can’t figure out how all this shit gets into the inlet???

Here’s my little feets by some of the stuff that washed up onto the pathway on the seawall.  Notice I was wearing tights.  It started raining the MOMENT we stepped outside.  DAMNIT!  But you know what?  Whatever.  I rocked the shit out of those tights in the rain

Here’s Steve pointing out some more garbage washed ashore.  If you look in the background you can see how low the water level was by the afternoon, but overnight it was all the way up onto the seawall

Then I noticed the very rare “ocean moccasins” washed ashore.  What really freaks me out about these is HOW DID THE PAIR WASH ASHORE TOGETHER?!!

Crossroads of Deliciousness.

don’t worry, he eventually chose one.  he almost exploded though.

Case of the Slanty Skull

I’ll admit it.  I can’t wear headbands.  I have maybe one that doesn’t give me a splitting headache, and the rest make me want to pass out.  You know the ones.  Those headbands that dig into your skull so badly that you want to drill a hole in your temples.  Yes.  Those ones.
And then there’s those large elastic band ones, the ones that go around your whole head.  I can’t wear those because I have some sort of magical slanty head and the back of my skull won’t support them!  They slide right off!  It’s like I have no skull back there!  Just a ramp!
I thought maybe if I just teased my hair a bit at the back that I could make it work with this pretty little ribbon headband, but then this morning I noticed the regular headband headache popping up, and there I was, taking off another headband because my poor skull can’t deal with it!
Does anyone else have a weirdly-shaped cranium?  I can wear hats, but no headbands.  Except this one little headband that somehow doesn’t give me a splitting headache.  A nice purple one with a bow.  Because bows are great.
What is it with girls and their hair?  I can only count maybe a handful of items that I can actually put in my hair that don’t give me  a headache.  And then there’s that glorious moment at the end of the day when you take the elastic out of your hair and rub the spot where it was.  Ooooh that’s good.  It’s like taking off a pair of heels.  Except most of the time you don’t notice the elastic punishing your skull.  Oh but to take the elastic out at the end of the day, that is one of life’s pleasures as a woman.
Now I’m off to take Advil to cure my headband headache!  Boo!

Smells and the City

There is quite the stinky difference between Vancouver and Calgary in the summer, which I have just realized over the past two weeks.  Downtown Calgary can get *sort* of stinky in some parts, but mostly just by dumpsters where the hobos pee and such.
Vancouver is on another level of stink completely.  It’s like you think you know what stink is, and then you walk down say, Homer St downtown and get these various whiffs of things that would make you crawl back inside your mother’s womb and stay there.  Or smells that would make you turn completely inside out in under one second.  Or smells that would make you shout curse words in languages YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.  I wish there was some way I could better explain the horror of some of the rotten smells in this city when it’s hot out, but it’s just not the same as being here.  And Granville on a Monday morning?  Forget about it.  You might as well just drive right around it with a haz-mat suit on.
I don’t know how this bevy of smells comes together, but there have now been two seperate occasions when I’ve smelt a smell SO bad, SO repulsive, that I have actually wanted to heave.  I don’t know if it’s trash, poop, trash AND poop, and maybe drugs, but oh man, these are the smells you need to call in an exorcist for.
I mean, it makes the walk to work pretty interesting when you smell some aroma and can play “Poop or Food?!”

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