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I mean, what’s the deal

with people farting in the damn library?! Seriously. I know I’ve written about this before, but COME ON. I’m just trying to make a decent powerpoint on GE food and BAM! My nose is assaulted with the tangy zip of fart from somewhere in the library.

I think my personal hero Natalie Dee has the right idea with this drawing on farts.


So because of a half hour scheduling conflict, I CAN’T take Japanese. DAMNIT! I was so effing excited too…

Instead of being grumpy about this, I am taking the initiative and I’m going to buy one of those “teach yourself” Japanese CD packages and see how that goes. If it’s shitty, at least I’ll have something to occupy my time with next semester, seeing as how I’m only taking 3 classes. Either way I’ll probably take Japanese eventually.

Because I experienced the extreme dissapointment of not being able to take Japanese, I went and bought myself some Japanese-themed shoes and jeans! A special shoe thank you goes out to Sarah for being interested enough in the boots I mentioned a week or two ago to show me the M. Patrizio post that led me to find my Japanese boots! They’re even called “Oragami!” That’s pretty much awesome X1000.

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