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I like to share

Do you ever have to go poop and you pretty much get like a SUDDEN, IRRATIONAL feeling of OHMYGOD I AM GOING TO SHIT MY PANTS IF I DON’T GET TO A TOILET ASAP!!!

Then you sit down and get the shivers from getting to go to the bathroom?  I dunno, I doubt this is just me.

Anyhow, I have to poop.  kthanksbai!


Can I get a what what?

Woo, I worked my first day at the new job, and it was LOVELY.

They had doughnuts.

And a jar of bubblegum.

And coffee!

So far, so good!

Sadly, I doubt I will be able to blog from work because it’s a big, open space!  DANGIT!  NO BLOGGING FROM WORK?!  COULD THIS BE?!?!?!

To Hair, or not to Hair?


Steve shaved all his facial hair off a few days ago because he thinks it will make it easier for him to get a more professional job. I miss the hair, but I’m interested in the public opinion on this, so what do you think?

Okay, so here’s a photo from the summer (I think) of Steve WITH glasses, but no facial hair.  It was a real bitch actually trying to find a photo of him with no facial hair and glasses!  WTF?!


New Dog Park!

We found a new dog park the other day on a walk and though we’d take the pups there for a visit. It’s actually fenced in specifically for dogs, so it was a little nicer than the un-fenced area by the seawall…

There was a Jack Russel there that wouldn’t stop humping, well, ANYTHING.  He took quite a fondness to a black dog and just wouldn’t let this other dog rest:

He just kept going…

and going…

and going…

Seriously, this little dog had some game!

Oh yes, and I wasn’t just taking photos of the humper…here’s Winston!

and my little Zelda beeeee!

They must have been at the park like TWO HOURS and they STILL weren’t tired.  I can’t believe it.  These dogs are robots.

She was probably a movie star in a past life.

I still have the taste of high school in my mouth…or maybe that’s just hatred

This will be the first Saturday I’ve worked since the hospital, and also the last!  Hurrah!  Yesterday was the last time I’d have to spend an hour in rush hour traffic, which hi?  is longer than an hour. 

I’ve never walked to work a day in my life.  Except when I worked on farms picking cherries…but even then I got driven to the farms…hmmm.  Yeah, that’s right, I was a cherry picker!

I was at a mall in West Vancouver yesterday after work, and I finally saw where all of the teenagers in North and West Vancouver are.  They are at the mall.  That’s where I was until I was 18, too!  I thought about it though, and I really haven’t seen many teenagers, or young kids for that matter, since we’ve moved.  Gone are the irritating walks through 20 girls all with linked arms giggling about boys and how they totally flunked that last bio exam!  I don’t know where they all are in Vancouver, but I’m sure they’re out there…just waiting to pounce on teenage boys.  I remember being that age and having everyone be all mad at us for being loud and walking in large packs, but when you get older, somehow you just suddenly find that behavior SO ANNOYING.  We all did that sort of thing though, so how does it turn into something completely irritating?  I guess it’s because you sort of get pushed around by adults when you’re a teenager, so then when you BECOME an adult, you think, pfft, no one is going to push their way by ME, and in turn, you push by a pack of teenagers and the whole thing starts all over again for a new generation.

Also?  Have I told you that pretty much only one person is talking to me at the job I am leaving?  Thank GOODNESS it’s my last day.  I have seriously never been treated worse when quitting.  No one’s talking to me, and apparently one of the three people left actually asked the person who IS talking to me, “should we be mad at her?”  What is this?!  High school?!  Why would you ask someone if you should be mad?  Furthermore, though I am not religious myself, this is a Christian orgaization, so shouldn’t people be a little more forgiving?  Everyone else that has left recently has gotten a going away gift.  I imagine I will not get one because I am thought of as a selfish prick for leaving, even though had I gotten the animal shelter job, I would have likely quit three weeks ago, thus I would have been gone before the other girl who quit.  She got hugs, she got a goodbye party, and we got her a $50 going away gift.  I get ignored. 

How fucking glad am I that I am leaving?  Very glad.

Oh the pain of it all

I have indigestion.  Oh Lord, I have indigestion.


 I can’t even relay the bathroom experience I just had because it is THAT gruesome.  It’s like I ate a burger off the street!

In other news, it’s my second last day of work!  Yahoo!  Next I will have a few days off to recover from the old job and then start the new one!  Yay!  I am pretty excited about this new job, and I even bought a book on how to work more effectively and efficiently to help me get organized.

That’s one thing you’ll notice about my workspace.  There is paper everywhere.  I can’t seem to file my own projects well, but with everything else, I have a place, and it gets filed.  Why only my stuff?  I do this at home, too!  I put Steve’s stuff away, but my stuff is sort of all over the place.  I daily find myself cleaning up all the stuff I have scattered all over the apartment.  I even gave myself a hook for my keys, and do you think I manage to put them on the hook?  No way! 

I also have a nice working pile of post it notes everywhere.  I don’t think its really the best way to be organized, but it reminds me to do things that I might otherwise forget.  I think…

 Oh yes, and I talked to the doggy helper people and they actually charge a pretty reasonable price to come visit you, your dog, help you devise a plan, and then work out the problems the dog has.  I’d like to hopefully get that going in the next two weeks, and maybe I’ll try sliding Winston’s barking problem in there too so I don’t have to pay double…hmmmm…

Sign on the dotted line

I signed my new employment agreement, and later next week I start my new jobbo!  Yay!  I’m now an Admin and Production Assistant for a graphic design company.  Fancy stuff! 

I just had the yucky task of handing in my resignation though.  Even though I don’t like this job, it ALWAYS sucks to resign.  The tough thing is that we have no boss technically, so I had to leave my letter under the door of a kind-of-co-worker-but-kind-of-boss for when he comes in, because he shows up at all different times in the morning.  I figure that will at least give him some time to you know, barf at the fact that there are only going to be three people working here now. 

 In some other semi-good news, I contacted a doggy behavior consultant to see if I might be able to get someone to come and work with me to help Zelda with her freak outs every time she sees another dog.  I can see how stressed out she gets around other dogs, and it’s embarassing for everyone when she starts screaming at other dogs.  Up until now I haven’t had the money to do this, but now with my shiny new job I can get someone’s advice to help me help her, so I think that will be lovely!

All I Need

I woke up much too early on Sunday morning to the loud bell of the building fire alarm going off.  As I am laying in bed, groggily thinking to myself, “what the hell is that?” Steve runs in the room and says, “it’s the fire alarm, let’s go!”


I fly out of bed and get the harnesses on the dogs and my jacket and just want to basically jump down the damn elevator shaft just to get out more quickly because who knows where the fire is!


“Do you want to take anything sentimental?” Steve said.


“No, I need you and the pugs.”


I throw Winston over my shoulder, hand Zelda to Steve, and we’re out the door.  We fly down 23 flights of stairs to get to the bottom and you know what?  The alarm SHUTS OFF.  You know what that means?  Some drunk asshole pulled the fire alarm.


As I wake up, I realize how utterly weak I am from having gone from deep sleep to running down a shitload of stairs in less than 5 minutes.  I am too weak to take the dogs around the block.


It’s 4am.


We wait until we get the clearance to get back into the apartment, and we wait a little longer so that we don’t have to take the elevator with a load of other people, and we’re back in bed.


The three people in my life out here are really all I wanted to take.  I don’t need any “stuff,” I didn’t even think to take my poor, sweet mac with me.  But who would at 4am?  If there’s one thing that the fire alarm taught me, it was that all I need is Steve and my dogs and I will be okay.


I also learned that running down 23 flights of stairs at 4am with an 18-pound dog on your shoulder results in a series of pulled muscles that are screaming out in confusion.  WHY DID YOU RUN SO EARLY!  YOU ONLY RUN ON THE TREADMILL!  WHY DID YOU HAVE A DOG ON YOUR SHOULDER?!?!?!


They are pulled muscles of love though, so these are the best pulled muscles I’ve ever had.

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