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Working with Animals

I guess I should clarify now that I’m back on track. Around the beginning of March my two bosses called all of the employees in (all 3 of us) and said that the business was doing shitty. They might have to shut down.
Then they had a private meeting with each of us.
My meeting consisted of me being told that because I was Admin, I was a luxury and didn’t bring any money in.
*Even though I billed all of the clients. And made sure the bills were paid. And rounded up slow-paying clients.*
So because I didn’t technically put in any “billable” time.
I either had to accept the offer of working one to two days a week (NOT POSSIBLE) or I had to find a new job.
So I found a new job.
And I guess I shouldn’t describe it as an animal shelter because technically we don’t have a shelter. But we work with animals and help people pay emergency vet bills and try to keep animals out of the circus, rodeo, etc. That’s probably all I ought to say about it because we all know what happened when I was too forthcoming with job info on my blog.
Now I work with 4 dogs, which is pretty nice. I get to take breaks to pet and walk dogs instead of writing invoices. I can get used to this! I even got to bring the pugs to work with me already. That ended up being a bit much as the dogs were on sensory overload from smelling so many smells from other dogs. Or maybe it’s because Winston peed on 5 things. Either way, I’m glad there’s a carpet cleaner here.

Time Flies

Sometimes the weight of being an adult can be really tiring. For instance, my better half is currently working two jobs, which leaves me without help around the house. Which leaves me to clean, and cook, and take care of the dogs. That’s probably enough to fill the weeknights on a normal week. Add to that constant trips to the chiropractor for my crooked spine, grocery shopping trips, laundry, and the fact that this week not only is the parking garage being cleaned, but the dryer vents too. That means the dogs are coming to work with me tomorrow. That *should* be fine, but I am also too tired to deal with it if they go apeshit in the office. Hell, at this point I’d let them start a garbage fire in here.
Also add to that the fact that my medication makes me tired on a GOOD day, not to mention the very busy days I seem to have been having recently. Someone had better let me know if they develop a device that can stop time, because I’d like a month off.
Frankly all I want to do today is go home, have a nap, and rest on the sofa for the evening. Instead I have to run over to the parking lot by my house, pick up my car, drive it home, get the dogs their dinner, make my own dinner, go to the chiropractor, and then come back and make sure the apartment is clean because there are going to be some random duct-cleaning people in the apartment.
Maybe I should start napping under my desk.
Hopefully next week will be slower and I can just lay the hell down!

London Fog is Falling Down

I am seriously having a rough time so far this week. Yesterday was my first day back at the office, and I managed to get shampoo in my eye in the shower! Doesn’t that stop happening in, oh, ELEMENTARY school? I guess not. I can’t say I’ve gotten shampoo in my eyes in a very long time though. But I guess that streak is broken now that I’ve burnt the inner corner of my left eye to a nice pinkish hue. Who needs two eyes anyway, right?
This morning my alarm went off and I managed to slap my iphone right out of its case! I guess I am of Hulk strength at 7:30am, whereas at around 7:40 I have all the strength of a baby.
And I cannot stop yawning! I feel like I am going to just yawn once really big and then pass out. And my eyes tear up when I yawn, so I look like a blubbering loser in my corner of the office. Which I guess isn’t much of a corner since I am pushed out from the wall because of the renos right now. It’s somewhat more of an alcove, which is okay, I don’t mind living in small quarters, it’s just like being in my apartment!
I don’t seem to be recovering well from my streak of sleeping in until 10am or later. 7:30am just seems like insanity, which is ridiculous because I used to have to get up at 4:30am for Starbucks! I actually felt nauseated in the morning yesterday from having to get up early. One of those mornings when I have to sit down for a few minutes so I don’t hurl. Ahh, doesn’t that add a perfect cherry to a Monday morning?
I also just realized I’ve been staring at my monitor and holding my right boob for at least two minutes. WHAT AM I DOING?
Apparently the caffeine in this London Fog isn’t QUITE enough. Or maybe it was the pepsi I drank at 8:30 this morning….hmmmm…

Mah Boots and Mah Gloves at Mah Desk!

Guys, what the deuce, I am wearing gloves at work. And big-ass boots, and a scarf and sweater. Does this scream “unnecessary” to anyone else? Ah yes, but that would require it to actually be a NORMAL TEMPERATURE in here. Which it isn’t. It’s freezing. And the bathroom has no heat, which means that I pee in mere SECONDS so that I don’t have to spend a moment more on the cold porcelain.
I don’t mind winter, but when things aren’t at a regular temperature to keep you warm, I start to think about lighting garbage can fires and maybe even lighting myself on fire just to melt the ice on my eyelashes.
Overdramatic? Yes! But still, it’s so cold I’m wearing gloves and it’s not that easy to type with gloves on. Hell, I’ve even got a space heater on my feet!!! And I am STILL cold!
I also busted a giant crack down the sole of one of my beloved boots, so I bought this stuff called “Shoe Goo” on the weekend in a feeble attempt to fix the problem. Little did I know that I had literally cracked the bottom of the boot right in half! There’s pretty much no going back now. It’s unsalvageable. And no, I can’t get them re-soled because that would cost more than the boots! They are vintage boots from Brazil, so I think I was pushing it in the Winter months. Ah well! I just hate shelling out money for stuff like that when you love it and then it wears out.
Lord, sometimes I even wear this cardigan that I love that has two holes in the front. I can’t give it up! I’m just going to assume someone else does this once in a while as well so that I don’t feel so gross!
Also, I remember shoes being like $120 for a GOOD pair when I was in high school, now all the good pairs are like $200-$300! Ack! Bye bye money, I’ll always remember you!

No lols here.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had an off day.  Off, in that I came to work and one of my bosses had gone through my entire desk and rearranged everything I had set up so that it suited them better. It was sort of like having your mother go through everything in your room when you were a teenager.  I feel really violated. I have systems in place and papers in specific places so that I can find what I need.  All that is now gone, replaced by what the boss feels would better help the boss find things. The boss even threw out a 3/4 bottle of Dr. Pepper that was on my desk.  Apparently on some sort of cleaning rampage.

Then the boss came in at the end of the day and talked about how much shredding to do each day, even though the shredder dies after 15 min because it’s so little. Honestly, I was so angry I could have walked out.  But I have to you know, eat and stuff.

This comes just after I found out that I am being forced to use the majority of my vacation time between Dec 4th and Jan 5th because the bosses feel like closing down the studio.  Either I don’t get paid, or I have to use my vacation time to cover the loss.

This leaves me with exactly 4 vacation days for 2009.

I am not impressed.


I am at work early, so I can say hi to all of you!


I’d also like to take a moment and tell you how sweaty I get from walking to work.  I’ve never walked to work, so now the act of walking briskly for 20 min in the morning to get here makes me sweat.  Then it takes me 20 min to return to a normal temperature.  Then I get cold.  You’d think being part German would maybe adapt me to cold, but for some reason, unless it is over 25 degrees, I am almost always cold.  What’s worse though than coming to work and sitting with sweaty pits from a brisk workout?!  Blah!  I actually needed to dab off with a tissue yesterday (my forehead, that is)!  I should just run into the office and dump the water cooler on myself when I get here.

I would have thought maybe I wouldn’t sweat so much after three weeks, but apparently this will be going on for quite a while….mmmm, who wants to rub up against me?  Anyone???

Also, the dogs have been barfing, and I can’t quite figure out what exactly is keeping them on the barf train.  I was giving them some of those really crunchy freeze dried liver treats or whatever the hell they are…I think they’re called Barking Mad?  Anyhow, since my dogs don’t like to, you know, CHEW, they ended up barfing because the liver thing isn’t digesting because they SWALLOW THEM WHOLE.  I feel bad enough when I eat a chip that I haven’t chewed enough.  You know what I’m talkin’ about!  When you don’t chew it enough and it drags like a rusty razor blade down your esophagus.  Shit, I don’t even like to talk about it.  That’s how much that sucks.  Anyhow, think of swallowing a chip that’s about 5 times as thick without chewing.  HOW DO DOGS DO THAT?!  Crazy bastards.

Zelda threw up on the sofa, which leads me even further into wanting a leather couch, so at least then I can hose it off!  Luckily, Steve found out that someone is renting a steam cleaner in the building, to which I think I heard angels singing out on high.  I figure I ought to just steam clean the whole effing apartment.  You know, make the most of the rental!

Giggs is brought to you by the letter D for Delightful!

Oh how I am pooped!  It’s funny as you get older how your tolerance to a lack of sleep can really start to eff you up in your mid 20s.  I was maybe up until 1:15am this morning and today I’m all about staring at the paper I am supposed to be READING to learn to do part of my job.  Oh sweet staring with glazed-over eyes, you’re like a little nap to me.  Oh if only I could nap at work!  Let’s face it though, really the only place I could get away with that was at the hospital.

I met Christine, her man, and Giggs last night and I must say, it was totally great.  It’s too bad we don’t live closer, I’m sure we’d be good friends.  And yes, Giggs is as handsome in person as he is on film.  He was somewhat accosted by Winston and Zelda upon first meeting, and I think it was maybe an hour before my little beasts calmed down so that I could gasp PET Giggs.  He’s soft.

We had a nice little coffee together, all of us and the pugs, and it was lovely!  Then we went for a nice dinner and bam, I am home at a likely too late hour to function at work (since I for some reason need umpteen hours of sleep to function like a normal human).  It was all worth it though.  What a good looking group of people they were!  Yeah, that’s right, I am pointing out the hotness of my “visitors.”  

Oh yes, and Giggs took a liking to Zelda quite easily, which ended up in Zelda pretty much spreading all-out for Giggs to have a nice, long sniffing/love session for everyone on the coffe shop patio to see.  “DON’T LOOK AWAY, IT’S NATURE!!!”

The be-all end-all is when Winston decided to hump Giggs.  There was some serious Brokeback Pug Mountain going on in my living room.  And Winston only ever humps Zelda!  There must have been some seriousl pheremones in the air.  

Alas, my camera is at home!  You will have to check back tomorrow for sweet-lovin’ photos.

Also?  Christine and Tony are HILARIOUS.  So much cheek-hurting humour.  So good.


And also?  As a side note? I got to drink CHAMPAGNE at work yesterday.  Yes, I think I will like this career.  What a delightful day!

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