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I cooked a turkey and survived.

I wish I had a photo to prove it, but I am a (mostly) vegetarian and I cooked a turkey for Steve, and it tasted NORMAL! This chick is very pleased.
I hope your Christmases were as nice and that you got a bunch of cool stuff. Personally, today is my favorite day, Boxing Day! SO MANY DEALS!!! I want to buy everything, EVERYWHERE. Oh yes, and for those of you not in the “know”, it’s basically just Black Friday for Canada.
Now that I am back indoors, I feel effing WASTED I am so tired.
Speaking of wasted, my co-workers and I went for drinks on Tuesday after work and they got me drunk off of one beer before I had to run to the chiropractor. Talk about RELAXED. At that point I could have fallen asleep on the chiro table. Or maybe ‘passed out’ might be a better term. Either way, it was wicked.
It’s snowing again in Vancouver. AGAIN. And it hardly EVER snows here! I almost feel down an outdoor staircase trying to get to a Starbucks, and the bannister was useless because it was covered in snow, too! This city only has 3 snow plows, that’s how little it actually snows!
I think on Christmas Eve I had to get dug out of the snow 3 times! WHAT. THE. TOOTS.
It’s so snowy out I can’t see much of anything out the window except this sort of grey-ish white wall of nothingness. This must be what it’s like to get suffocated with a pillowcase, but maybe less wet.

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer

Guys, I’ve been trying to make a post about christmas gifts that are cool, but these ongoing chiro appointments are interrupting my blogging flow. That, and I am armpit deep in making invoices at work. I can’t believe I do accounting all day. How did this happen?!

So I tried to pull my tiny tree out of our “den” slash CLOSET and it looks like we’ve actually LOST the stand for the tree. So now I’ve got to go try and find a tree, but we’re not allowed to have a real tree, which at this point would be a lot easier than buying a small fake one. Fuuuuuuuuck. I guess I’ll be heading over to the ‘ol Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart or something to try and find a tree. Funny enough, we used to have a 9′ tree or something in our first apartment (my mom gave it to us) and so I have a bevvy of ornaments for a huge tree….which look….interesting on a little tree.

Oh!  The Santa Claus Parade is this weekend!  Woo!  Actually, from what I remember from last year, there’s a lot of advertising floats for stuff like Coke and Cadbury or some shit. Why is there so much advertising in this parade? I thought parades were just about watching really slow vehicles pass by and freezing in the cold with loved ones? Though I do remember stuff being thrown into the crowd, so that’s good. They love throwing shit in parades in Vancouver. Like when I went to the Gay Pride Parade this summer with AJ and he got hit in the face with a pink fortune cookie. I believe we later recovered the cookie, but hell, these parades are DANGEROUS! Let’s get festive and put out a bunch of kids’ eyes!  I should just start throwing chopsticks into the crowd or something. No one can keep track of the people giving out stuff for free!

I hope I see crazy dancing lady there. She likes to stand in front of the Art Gallery with some kind of a hot mess of an outfit. Gold Cleopatra wig thing, big glasses, sometimes smoking a cigarette, skirt with pants underneath and possibly army boots. Anyway, she wears headphones and dances to the music she’s hearing and puts a wee little garbage can out in front of her so that people can give her change while she gives’er.  I think last weekend she started belting out jingle bells at Steve and I and we lost our shit. Amazing. She should be at every Christmas party in this city.

O Holy Crap

Yes my friends, the holidays are a time of tradition, and for years now I’ve been treating you all to quite possibly the best Christmas song in the world. This incredible rendition is best saved for headphones, or a romantic evening with loved ones. It literally brings me to tears every time I listen to it.

Feel free to share this with loved ones. I make Steve listen share this with Steve every year.

(or download an mp3.)

Lush Reviews and Updates

As I stare in awe that it’s Dec 1 tomorrow, I would like to distract myself with a few reviews of some stuff I’ve recently tried, including an update on the caca hair dye.


I am bringing my review to a 2/5 because not only did this stuff end up washing out of my hair, but it also dyed a small section of my hair green.  A strip test wouldn’t have helped either, because this hair is shorter than my other layers and I’m not entirely sure what else would make this hair more “accepting” of the green tinge?  Anyway, I can only see it when I immediately dry my hair before styling, so it’s not a big deal, nor is it a big chunk of hair, it’s maybe the width and height of 2 toonies.  I wouldn’t use this again.  I put the other half of the bar in a drawer and the smell bothered me so much I had to put the bag under the sink in the kitchen and I can STILL smell it.  So I’ll be throwing it out. The smell is too ingrained with a bad experience for me to use it again.  It’s too bad that this stuff comes only in an $18 block, because if you only use half, the other half is a waste (if you don’t like it).

The next product is the Gold Frankincense and Beer Shower Jelly that I bought at the same time as the caca.  I paid $6.67 before tax for a jelly brick of this stuff:

beerThis stuff smells delicious.  It’s not quite a beer smell, it’s sort of like pop?  Almost a root beer smell.  Lovely. It’s sort of weird to work with though, as you have to sort of break off a bit and smash it into a loofah to use it.  It’s got the consistency of jello, which is a bit mind-challenging for me when I first wake up.  You have to leave it in a container, otherwise it will just melt with water.  It’s sort of a pain in the ass to grab it, grab a loofah, open the container, break a bit off, put the lid on, put it back, and then smash the jelly into the loofah without dropping anything.  The smell is somehow less potent than I’d expect in the shower, yet it it quite perfect on the skin when you get out.  The smell doesn’t really last all day, but I think you might continually notice it throughout the day if you just try it as a new smell.  I’d say this gets a 3/5 if you’re buying it for yourself, and a 4/5 (for inconvenience, but it’s a wonderful treat) as a gift.

I’m going to to review the Lush solid shampoo a little later (because I lurv it), but I think it deserves a longer post to itself.

Now I am off to lay down and try to work off the last part of my sickness. Bleh!

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