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I cooked a turkey and survived.

I wish I had a photo to prove it, but I am a (mostly) vegetarian and I cooked a turkey for Steve, and it tasted NORMAL! This chick is very pleased.
I hope your Christmases were as nice and that you got a bunch of cool stuff. Personally, today is my favorite day, Boxing Day! SO MANY DEALS!!! I want to buy everything, EVERYWHERE. Oh yes, and for those of you not in the “know”, it’s basically just Black Friday for Canada.
Now that I am back indoors, I feel effing WASTED I am so tired.
Speaking of wasted, my co-workers and I went for drinks on Tuesday after work and they got me drunk off of one beer before I had to run to the chiropractor. Talk about RELAXED. At that point I could have fallen asleep on the chiro table. Or maybe ‘passed out’ might be a better term. Either way, it was wicked.
It’s snowing again in Vancouver. AGAIN. And it hardly EVER snows here! I almost feel down an outdoor staircase trying to get to a Starbucks, and the bannister was useless because it was covered in snow, too! This city only has 3 snow plows, that’s how little it actually snows!
I think on Christmas Eve I had to get dug out of the snow 3 times! WHAT. THE. TOOTS.
It’s so snowy out I can’t see much of anything out the window except this sort of grey-ish white wall of nothingness. This must be what it’s like to get suffocated with a pillowcase, but maybe less wet.

Saturday Etsy Shopping Faves

30% off at BR, Gap and ON until Sunday!

I saw this floating around the internet and I thought I’d post it here.  This promo started yesterday, so you go to any Gap, ON, or BR and you can get 30% off your purchases in Canada and you can use the coupon as many times as you like!  Woo!

Find the link HERE.

Ten minutes!

Bah! I have ten minutes to post!

In honour of me currently watching the Shopping Channel, let’s make a quick rundown of my top five items currently for sale on the Shopping Channel:

Mmmmm, yeah, green Birkenstocks with a horse on them. They are fucking beautiful.

The Joan Rivers Makeup Collection:

Yeah. I’m sure she hasn’t had any work done. Why not buy makeup from a woman whose face is made out of virgin pig skin? Get out your credit cards! I couldn’t even cut the whole damn photo from the website. Joan River’s magical powers are keeping me from her full promotional banner.

Or how about 14K gold Tiger drop earrings?

One word: barf meow.

Mmmmm, maybe some Rhonda panties:

Rhonda left all her lace boxer briefs for you to buy. Complete with penis flap.

And maybe pair your Rhonda panties with a nice blu blocker sun visor:

This BluBlocker visor is detailed with an oversized panel TO THE MAX that helps protect your eyes and face and from ANYONE TALKING TO YOU. Stay out of the way of UVA, UVB and ME wearing this great visor.

And basically, you could combine all this stuff into ONE OUTFIT.

You’ll be thanking me later when you surprise your spouse with this inspiring combination of high quality items from the Shopping Channel.

Zero Consumption

As of this Saturday I will have made it through one month of not buying a single item of clothing.  ZERO!  I didn’t even cheat and buy say, jewelry.  Literally I have purchased nothing but essentials.  This coming after several months of buying SEVERAL things a week.  Good for me!
The crap thing is that I’ve had to pay bills, and my landlady had taken rent out twice in July, thus effing up my spending.  I got her to not take out August rent, but I’ve been paying bills, and sigh, really I am left with no more money than usual as it stands.  Boo!  
I plan on keeping up with this though, and really evaluating what I actually need in my wardrobe compared to what I “want” because those are two different things!
I did realize that I don’t own any sort of flat shoe that will cover the top of my feet and keep them warm.  I thought that was pretty weird considering I own many, MANY pairs of shoes.  So perhaps this month I will get a pair of reasonably priced shoes.  That will be my purchase.  But that ought to be it other than say, a cardigan?  I love cardigans.  Drape me in cardigans!  I would wear a cardigan every day if it were feasible. 
Anyway, enough about cardigans and shoes.
Hopefully I will be able to pay off the old credit card in a reasonable amount of time.  Really, if I wanted to look back on what I managed to buy compared to what I use, that’s a pretty depressing thought!  I just want to pay it all off and be done with it, because I will certainly have a lot more money if I can just pay the credit card OFF.  COMPLETELY.  Damn interest.  I hate interest.  However, in my own interest I have changed my card to a low interest option, so I won’t get absolutely raped at the bank.  Hopefully that will help.  In a year I should be debt free. GOD WILLING.
So I will continue on my “do not buy anything” front, and maybe try and go 2 months and make it to October without buying anything except that pair of shoes I need.  Because my feets are cold! 

A Month of SwoC

After much thought, and much wasted money, I’m sure, I’ve decided to go one month without buying clothing.  For some, this may not be such a big deal, but I am a fashion addict, and I pretty much love buying stuff. I have come to realize over and over that some of the time I am just buying something to buy it, and I’m not taking into consideration what my real needs are, and where the holes are in my closet.  Sometimes I will buy something because it’s esthetically pleasing, not even because it matches something in my closet.  Thus, I am stuck with an overflowing bedroom of clothing.  I’m going to work on getting myself a fully functional closet as well.  One that won’t be pouring out onto the floor…and the bed…and shelves….oh dear. I am personally committing myself to going one month without buying anything (clothing-wise, I mean, come on, I’ve got to eat!).  

Just to make sure I don’t cheat myself out of a valuable learning experience, today is day one.  So for the next 30 days I will not buy any clothing.  Seriously, just thinking about this is making me want to freak out. Though I will likely have a lot more cash at the end of one month!

I got the idea from a fellow blogger, who like I, enjoys buying clothing a little too much.  You can read about her SwoC experience HERE.

So off we go, one month of Style without Consuming!

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

I’m looking to “lighten” my closet, and I still have plenty of good pieces, but there’s no good place to donate clothing to that I can actually walk to downtown, and I’d sort of feel guilty just throwing this stuff out because it’s in good condition, I just happen to be very fickle and impulsive and end up not wearing some stuff more than a few times.  Bad habit, I know, but, I’m trying to buy more things that I can wear with other portions of my wardrobe to make it more versatile.  Thus, I must huck a bunch of stuff out of my closet!
I was thinking about putting stuff up on ebay, but ebay takes a portion of your earnings and then I’d have to go through the trouble of sending the items to whoever buys it, etc.  In short, I am sort of lazy, but at least this would make me some money.  Unless no one buys anything, and then really I will have SPENT money trying to make money…ehhhh….
There’s also a group on Flickr that is a “swap” group where you post a photo of your item and then people swap for other items, but really, there’s nothing on there that I’m really excited to swap for, so that just seems like a waste.
I could also just post some photos and be like, “okay, if you want this, just pay the shipping and I’ll send it to you for free (well, less the shipping fee)” but I don’t know if that would work?
Maybe I should post some photos on here and see what you all think?  It’s just one of those things where my closet is too full and so I’ve needed to take out anything that isn’t in a good rotation, thus, giving me more room for stuff! Huzzah!
What do you normally do when you clean out the closet?

A Leisurely Sunday

As with most Sundays, I am sitting with the pugs, checking out all that the internet has to offer.  A few minutes ago, I end up looking at a tank for sale on amazon, which, um, who are these people buying tanks on amazon???

Anyhow, if you’ll just take a moment to look at what ELSE these people are buying, I think you’ll be quite intrigued…

Dear pretty much all at-home wax kits

You kill me.  I attempted three different kinds of you, and managed to make my poor armpits BLEED, and guess what?  You didn’t take any effing hair off of my pits.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO WALK AROUND WITH HAIRY ARMPITS?!  Agh.

Maybe I should get a proffessional in here to deal with my pits.  I really thought I could just take care of it myself, because there’s only like ten hairs per pit, but no!  I bleed, I try many kits, and the hair remains!  Oh trusty razor, you will never let me down.

I attempted the legs as well, and that went OKAY.  Not great, but okay.  Maybe waxing my own body isn’t my thing?

Also, one of the dogs peed ON THE COUCH.  AGAIN.  What the shit, dogs?!  Looks like I might have to get a scat mat or something.  I bought them some new toys, including a new busy buddy, but no!  They peed on the sofa a little bit when Steve and I went to Costco on an over-sized adventure.  Which, by the way?  Costco is amazing.

Oh Deer

Oh how I love getting paid. Then I can buy pretty things like this brooch:


I’m a fan of basically anything with some kind of wildlife on it.  I am sticking with the deer trend just because I really like the look of antlers, and I think any kind of accessory with wildlife on it can look really intriguing, because you don’t see it every day.

Check out the Etsy shop I bought this at right here!  She’s got some pretty cute stuff.  I like buying things from Etsy because you get a really nice, hand crafted feel with the things from there.  Not the ho hum average, mass produced kind of stuff you’d be able to get at the mall.  Plus, etsy usually has really great pricing on merchandise, which is set by the seller, so there are good deals to be had!

It’s not just jewelry, either.  You can find almost anything that you can think of that would be handmade on etsy, from buttons to cooking aprons, and all the way to one-of-a-kind artwork.  Love it.

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