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Winston is not amused.

Someone has a case of the grumps because it’s cloudy out.

This is where the magic happens.

That little red circle is the general radius of where I like to make good times happen. There’s some good eats, good bookstores, good clothing, and good doggie supply stores. All in all, I can actually get more entertainment out of this little circle than in all of Calgary! That’s pretty scary.

In other glorious news, the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit is opening at the Vancouver Art Gallery soon and I am pretty extatic about it! I’ll finally get to see paintings by another of the three great female artists I’ve studied (Emily Carr, Geogia O’Keefe, and Frida Kahlo). That’s 2/3! Woo! Now I just need to find a Frida Kahlo exhibition and I will be artistically spoiled!

Here’s some of what Ms. O’Keefe has created:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Rain rain…

I’ve been pretty blaze for the past week on here. I think I am having a momentary lapse in inspiration on here.

It’s raining nice and hard today, which is a nice turn of events from the week of sort of cloudy-not-quite-raining-but-almost-raining weather.

Now the skies are finally on release, which makes it look like I am on the absolute edge of the world from the bridge I take home every day.

It looks like there is just mist and ocean, and it’s really beautiful, but unfortunately I don’t feel particularly safe operating a camera while I try as a member of four lanes of one-way traffic to merge into ONE LANE (stupid city planning on that one!). You’d think the ocean were just at room temperature, and that you could just swim on forever into nothing. It’s really beautiful.

People are saying that the first winter here is the hardest, and I guess with the arrival of Autumn I am seeing a little taste of Winter. Weather seems to have sped up in Canada to one season faster than it should be moving.
It’s still really green here, which is a shocking change from the turdy brown that Calgary is likely turning into right about now. It’s also still almost 16 degrees at night. Every night. I can still sit at night with the patio doors open and listen to the SOOTHING sounds of people honking furiously at each other while trying to get onto the busy bridge by my apartment.
Okay, that part isn’t so great.
The fact that we can sit in the living room with the patio door open and take in all the fresh air and night sky is really lovely though.
I really love it here.
I was walking by a mall last night and could smell the sea air, and all I could think is “how in the world am I lucky enough to be right beside the sea??”
I thought it would be the mountains that I would love, but truly the ocean is winning me over. I am enamoured by the smells and the life-force that the ocean holds. How it provides so much for all the beauty out here, and how it is so absolutely enormous, but so quiet at the same time.
I haven’t even put my toes in the ocean yet. I haven’t in my entire life. I have touched the ocean with a hand once when I was about 15 and was on a vacation with a friend in San Fransisco, and that was the one and only time.
Funny that life can be busy enough that living by the sea leaves me no real time to visit the sea!
I should do something about that.

I love photoshop.

Yeah, we had a few hits…

The Elevator of my discontent.

Ahh, baby Zelda. Since that other dog attacked you, you have been quite the bundle of….fun?

Any time Zelda sees another large dog now, she will set out on a massive freak out, not even barking, but SCREAMING at them. That gets Winston started, and soon I have two pugs making the most ridiculous “barks” at an extremely loud volume, which pretty much embarasses the hell out of me.

I tried checking out Cesar Milan, but he uses a collar to train dogs that I can’t really use on a pug, so I feel kind of stuck on that front.

I tried food bribes, which seems to work….oh….50% of the time.

Holding them down doesn’t work either because they are so set on just SCREAMING that holding them down just makes them freak out more, and frankly, it’s a little difficult to hold down TWO dogs that are flipping out.


I think it’s pretty much back to the drawing board for these puppies! I’ve got to get back to really simple training and try and slowly introduce them back into doggie society.

Until then, I get to experience fun times like having people on an elevator literally shut my dogs, Steve and I out because they are barking at someone’s dog who started barking first. Those people will get a nice poopy surprise outside their doors I suspect.

Because we all need to know.

Doodz! I needz your helpz!

I am in a bit of a conundrum, and I think the views of the lovely people who read this blog can help.

My workplace is making calls to people who have donated in the past to see how they are doing and if they know about the changes we’ve made to this organization. Really we’re calling them to remind them that we exist, since our summer donations were pretty sad because everyone in North Vancouver seems to dissapear off the face of the earth in the summer. Anyhow, I find that most people like to hang up on someone when they are kind of doing a really *soft* ask for a donation. Not that we’re asking for a bazillion dollars, but there are a LOT of people on the north shore here, and if they all donated like a DOLLAR, that would be super.

Anyhow, since I am sure some of you have had calls like this (myself included), I am wondering what you think would be sort of a good way to tell someone about a nonprofit while making a really inconspicuous ask for money. I mean, yes, we’re asking for money, and not everyone will say yes, but do you think there’s a particularly nice, or polite way to ask for money, without saying, “hey, can you donate some money to us???” I kind of get stuck on this because I have received calls like this, but I am also on the other side of things where I see the real need of the people we’re trying to help. Basically if this organization goes away, we’re looking at around 8,000 people who are in desperate need and have nowhere to go for help.

Is there even an effective way to ask for money? I find it’s much easier to ask for money for organizations involving animals, because people will readily donate to causes to save animals, and tend not to give to causes that will save people. I think this is because animals are more helpless in that they can’t actually ask for help, and people can. People also abuse the system, which makes people aprehensive to donate.

Yes, we have measures in place to kick people off our system who are just abusing our resources, but you aren’t donating to them. You are donating to people who are in need. Families who have nowhere to turn and have run out of the resources to function. Imagine if you didn’t have the money to buy your dogs the food they need because you ran into unexpected costs like hospital emergencies or emergency repairs to your home. You realize that you’re pretty close to having no money left, but if you could just get to that next paycheque, you’d be okay. Or maybe you are suffering from an addiction but you are getting help, and you want to go out and get a job, but you don’t have a printer to print off a resume. Maybe you don’t have something to wear other than the clothing on your back because you are spending all of your money on food to live. These are the people we are helping.

Is there really a way that is even effective to ask people over the phone to consider donating???

Pigeons, ahoy!

Granville Island, and well, pretty much all of Vancouver is full of pigeons. Man pigeons are retarded! They are like airborne dumbasses. Anyhow, while at Granville Island, Steve and some kids got down to what it’s really all about: scaring pigeons.

I like this one because it looks like the pigeon is scaring the people away. In all reality, it just farted.
See the kid in the green shirt? This kid was hilarious because he ran without really moving his arms, and he just kept chasing and chasing the birds, and really didn’t put any thought into anyone walking by. Pigeons were scattering into the faces of old ladies and this kid is like, “Awesome, let’s do that again!”

This is for my Dawgz!

Oh, Urban Outfitters. You know just what dog is the best. That’s why I had to buy this men’s shirt. I don’t even care if it’s for dudes, I was rockin’ this shirt down Robson yesterday. Woo!

Get out your nose plugs

I am currently sitting between two of the stinkiest dogs in the city! They keep silently tooting out these horrific farts. It’s always the ones that don’t make noise that stink the WORST. I guess maybe the dogs are extra stinky from me having to give them “don’t eat your own poop” pills. I started them on a new brand yesterday because I managed to catch Zelda face first in a turd a few days ago.
I just don’t get it. How can a turd taste any worse? I mean, I haven’t eaten a turd myself, so I wouldn’t really know the fine dining that is poop, but I really can’t see anything appetizing about a steaming hot pile of poop.

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