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OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! I got the job I wanted!!!

Can I tell you first that I was totally blown off by the animal shelter after how many months? Ridiculous. I emailed them, and all they had to say way, “We offered the position to another woman, and she accepted.” WELL THEN, GEE, THANKS FOR CALLING ME OR LETTING ME KNOW IN SOME WAY BEFORE I HAD TO CONTACT YOU AFTER APPLYING MONTHS AGO. What a ripoff. It was for the best though.

Soon, I will be working at a graphic design company!!! I thought about a suggestion that Norman’s Mom had given me about working in graphic design, and I think it’s actually something I am interested in doing.  It will be creative, and it will offer lots of room to grow!  I have to say a really big thank you to her (and Norman, of course) because I think this is going to be something I love.


I get to WALK TO WORK.  WTF!!!  Excuse me while I die of happiness.  AND?  It’s in a building protected as a historical landmark, with old brickwork, columns, and a marble staircase!  Eeeeek!  Oh I needed a new job so badly.  Oh man.  I am flyin!  Woo!


I am THISCLOSE to snagging a really wonderful job.  A job with nice people, and SHHH, a job that’s not in a nonprofit.  They are drawing up a contract for employment for me and I should HOPEFULLY sign it Monday or Tuesday.  That’s all I’ll say for now because I couldn’t take it if I told you all the gloriousness and then it didn’t work out.


Enjoy your weekend!

The wave of the future!

I’ve been thinking of a lot of fashion-esque posts to make lately, but I’m not sure that this is the right place to put the posts, so I started a sort of sister-blog to this one where I will be posting lots of sweet stuff about fashion.  It’s called, Aesthetique, and I just put my first post up!  Woot! 


On another, harier note, I have attempted to change dog food again.  As of right now, I don’t know if I want to feed them regular dog food.  I know there have been a lot of changes to dog food since all of the many thousands of food scares, but I am still not entirely comfortable with it.  I find it pretty reasonable to feed the dogs with fresh, cooked food anyhow, but I thought I’d just give regular dog food another go, as sometimes it’s difficult to find time in the day to cook their weekly meals. 

Zelda was up whining this morning, which may have been indigestion, or it may have been usual Zelda.  Their poops are pretty solid (because I love to share), so they seem to be digesting the introduced dog food pretty well.  So far they’ve scarfed down 2 meals of it mixed with oatmeal, and the results are pretty good.  It looked like Zelda was going to heave once last night, but she managed to hold it in.  That could have been for any number of reasons though, so I’m going to just keep a watchful eye and see what happens…


Also, I might just have some happy job news at the end of the day today…stay tuned!

Some things not to do with Valentine’s Day

Sadly, my Steve is oh so very sick today, so he is out of Valentine’s Day commission.  That’s okay though, because it’s our 3 year anniversary on the 18th, so we don’t really do much on Valentine’s Day.  Woo!  Three years!!!

So I have to yet again vent about this whole job hunt thing.  Fuck, it is driving me insane.  I went for an interview earlier this week, and it said in the posting they’d like someone as soon as the 15th even, so I was like, “Bitchin!  I am all over that.” Then I give my little, “thanks for the interview, it was nice meeting you” blah blah, and the lady emails back saying they don’t really have a timeline, and is that a problem?

Who doesn’t have a timeline?!  Aaaaaaagh.  I am going to be bald from RIPPING MY HAIR OUT.  I emailed back and explained the horrendous employment agreement situation, so maybe that will light a fire, but who knows.  I STILL haven’t heard a single thing since my wonderful crying interview with the animal shelter, and I am pretty bummed slash FULL OF RAGE about that.  They said it’d still be a few weeks, but seriously?  It’s been three fucking months now.  I am getting tired of this.  I had another interview today with another place, but I am just so frazzled from all these people being like, “yeah I don’t know when we’ll get back to you, but we will,” so I rescheduled for next week. 

How the hell is anyone trying to leave a current job supposed to go to interviews during work hours?  What the tits???  I am pretty much going to have to stab everyone else who has applied for these jobs to ensure I have a new job soon.  I can’t even think of any other excuses!  “Um, I have to go to Richmond….to…uhhh….see a man….about a horse…..kthankxbai.”

I feel like my head is in a vice grip.  WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  Must. Calm. Down.

Please send candy.  They cooked a stinky lunch today and it’s stinkin’ up my office!

Westminster Dog Show History and other ramblings…

Uno you crazy fucking beagle, you did it!  A Beagle, for the first time in Westminster history won Best in Show.  Of course, I was rooting for the pug, but apparently a pug won some other Purina show, which I thought was just cat food, but you tell me…

Uno celebrated his win of Westminster by chewing on the microphones of reporters who tried to interview his winning crew. Those had to suffice for the yellow, soft duck that’s his favorite toy.  I love it.


I went for another job interview yesterday.  It went well.  I don’t even want to jinx it by saying anything.  Eeeek!  I should find out this week or early next though.



Winston has taken up barking at ANYTHING throughout the evening.  Like, at 3am when someone drops a pan somewhere in the building.  Zelda is getting in on it too now.  I may have to punch them. 



After slowly coming down to the lowest dose of Effexor, I can’t sleep, I wake up easily, I startle easily, I am more moody, I get overwhelmed really easily, and I can’t shut my mind off.  I feel like I am moving backwards.  I need to make another doctor’s appointment and get some new medication.  Agh!


My shoes are infused with the smell of bubblegum.  Does it get any better than bubblegum shoes?!

The future is not what it used to be

Let the madness begin, folks, I am now working Tuesday through Saturday, or Caturday for all you lolcats.  I figure by doing this, at least there’s a weekday that I can really get to an interview easily.  I have one today, and then on on Thursday.  I’m sure they’ll think I am on my deathbed if I use another doctor’s appointment.  It’s really difficult finding new work when you are still employed.  I mean, I don’t want to be unemployed, but I know I am not the first person to do this.  I wonder if they’re onto me?  I still haven’t signed the employment agreement, nor has anyone really made mention of it.  I figure there might be some pressure by Friday, but I am hoping to *maybe slash VERY MUCH HOPING* to have a new job by then, so it won’t even matter. 

It’s dreadfully quiet here.  It’s like a tomb.  There’s only 4 of us left.  Abandon ship!!!

In other, more exciting news, I got to take photos for a story Steve did on the Vancouver Scientology protest by Anonymous, which was one of several around the world:

It was a pretty tame occassion, with some minor chanting of, “Cult!  Cult!  Cult!” and some delighted cheers as drivers honked when they passed.

Sadly, no one was Rick Rolled here in Canada, which I think would have really gotten the party started.  Perhaps you’d like to be Rick Rolled right now.

I’ll get right on that

I have to leave for my second interview with the animal shelter soon (woo!), but I am just sitting here stewing on thought, so I might as well get it out.

I’m really dissapointed in the organization I work for.  I can’t believe it has turned into an “us” (three employees and one kind of boss) vs. THEM (terrible, terrible board).  The Chair is a dismissal lawyer, so our employment agreement is a bajillion pages long and filled with so much hidden law terminology that it makes me sick to look at it.  Do they think we’re stupid?  There is actually part of a clause that says not only should we give a month’s notice, but if we quit before then, we have to pay the organization any damages suffered as a result of the termination of our own employment.  Talk about a rat trap.  I also noticed a clause that says that they can fire us without just cause.  Uhhhh, hi, AGAINST LABOR LAWS???  I plan on just dragging out the signing for at least two weeks.  After all, I need to seek legal counsel, right? (otherwise known as me applying for as many jobs as humanly possible in the next two weeks in order to try and get another job ASAP).

The good news is that I sent the animal shelter an emai last week explaining the awful circumstances and letting them know I VERY MUCH want to work for them, so I need an interview ASAP.  And I have one!  I was really debating whether or not to send them an email at all, as I might sound cocky, but they picked up what I layed down and so now I have an interview in a half hour…

Oh sweet baby Jesus I hope something comes of this.  There are only so many “doctor’s appointments” I can go on….

Not to worry!

I will tell you this, there is no way I am signing the employment agreement (if you were worried).  I got it yesterday and looked it over, and the lawyer (who is a dismissal lawyer, and the head of the board) wrote it up, so he snuck all this bullshit into it that he must think of us “dumb nonprofit people” will fall for.

I WILL NOT SIGN!  Lorkeet, I like your idea of going to the media though, as there is a newspaper that is VERY interested in getting the hard facts about our organization.

I plan on telling them that I am not signing the contract.  It is illegal to change the employment agreement and take things away from the employee (like, say, making me give a month’s notice instead of a week), without them giving me something in return (say, a month’s severance if they fire me.)  If they think they’re playing with a dumbass, they are in for a big surprise, because I have the number of a dismissal lawyer that works out of Calgary and Vancouver that will give me the advice I need to take those mo fos DOWN.

If they want me to sign anything, they will have to change the termination terms to my liking.  Enough said.

As if it couldn’t get any more wicked.

Apparently my current workplace will be giving all of the employees new employment agreements that state that we must give a MONTH’s notice if we want to quit.

What the shit is that?

 You’re telling me that you can fire me with a week’s notice, but if I want to quit, I have to give you FOUR?

I call bullshit, and I am not signing that.

I emailed the animal shelter and explained the circumstances, and that I REALLY want the job, so I guess we’ll see what happens there…I am hopng good things????  PLEASE??!?

 I can’t stand it.  I am getting headaches every day, I have trouble sleeping, and I feel just a general sense of doom around here.  I am trying to stay positive, but this is just insane.  Who in their right mind would think it’s okay to pay people shit money, and then make them give a month’s notice if they want to leave?  What place would hire me when I say, “oh yeah, I have to give them 4 week’s notice, so I’ll be back for my job in a month!  Okay???”

 Eff that!

Mayhem Ensues

Well, we’re losing one girl to maternity leave today, and then we found out yesterday that we’re losing the Fundraiser to another org, so that leaves only 4 people working for the nonprofit I work for now.  We had ten when I started here! 

The board doesn’t want to hire anyone new because they want to save some money for programming, but let’s get real here…four people to run an organization that was run by ten?  Isn’t it a little ridiculous to assume we’re going to stick around and pick up the slack that 60% of the staff we now don’t have, used to do?  Methinks mayhem is afoot.

I got really freaked out last night because so many people are now going to be gone.  I don’t want to even think about it.  It’s just making me sick.  Our board is made up of morons.  They don’t know what they’re doing.  I have to stick it out until I find another job, but man, I hope another job comes along…FAST.

I applied for three other jobs yesterday in the midst of my freakout, so hopefully someone calls me back about those sometime soon.  Or maybe I’ll just be waiting around for the animal shelter job that for some reason is taking another two weeks before they do a second interview.

To be honest, I believe I might be getting discriminated against because I am young.  Much younger than anyone else working there it seems.  This kind of thing happened when I was at the Y.  I would get blamed for things I had absolutely no part in because it’s easier to lay the shit onto the twentysomething than to admit you did something wrong in your 50s.  I don’t get it.  I am absolutely more than qualified to do that job.  I have years of experience in the nonprofit sector.  I could plan, evalute, take to dinner, and make love to the stuff I would need to do for that job.  Alas. They are for some reason stalling on me, and need to interview me again, even though on my last interview they had pretty much assured me that I was an amazing fit and would do really well.


I call bullshit.  This is, in fact, the same sort of thing I went through at the Y.  They liked me.  Then I call and they said they gave the job to someone else.  Then they call two weeks later and say that I’m hired with $20,000 more a year than they originally told me.  WHAT. THE. HELL.

Screw it, let’s just move to Tofino and take up surfing:

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