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All the yarn you can handle

It’s that time of year when I pick up my crochet hook and knitting needles and attempt to further learn how to work with yarn!  I am such an old lady.  Whatever, old ladies are sweet.

This weekend I’ve almost finished a little crochet hat, as my head gets extremely cold here in the Autumn and Winter.  Humidity?  Indeed.  Apparently the hat I’m making is called a rasta hat, but I didn’t want to make it so huge, so it’s going to look like this:

Next, I will work my way up to this hat:

complete with glass head!

Then I’ll work my way up to the delightful Japanese amigurumi cat:

And then to my project that I’ve been working on and off on for a year, argh!

I used a slightly different colour than this, but it looks the same.  I will be wearing this scarf ALL THE TIME, let me tell you.  I started this scarf in January of this year, and then stopped for the summer, as I can’t stand working with yarn when it’s hot out.  I am bound and determined to finish it!  Now if I can just stop with all of the other projects I keep starting…

Sighing Like a Furnace

I seem to write a lot when I am eating, which makes me want to tell you all about the delicious food I am eating.  Ready?  Go!

 I am enjoying a nice, warm bowl of french onion soup.  Is there much else that tastes better on a cold, wet day?  I doubt it.  Not to mention it makes my breath smell like an old farm.  Love it.

Isn’t it just the cheese though that really makes this soup?  You can pretty much put cheese on anything and I will eat it with a vengance.  Lasagna, pizza, nachos, a tire–you name it.  I once did a cleanse when I was working at Starbucks a few years ago and I wasn’t allowed to have any dairy.  I was NOT HAPPY.  I know now that I can never be vegan…unless I develop a thirst for bludgeoning people out of rage.  Wouldn’t that be kind of ironic?

Along the lines of keeping warm, I want to show you the absolute ugliest piece of knitwear I have ever seen.  It was in my knitting pattern-a-day calendar, and it’s called the “bikini mitten.”

What can I say, really?  I think this atrocity speaks for itself.  Now I mean, I am fairly new to knitting (having learned when I was 15, and then having not knit for a good nine years), but is the knitting world running out of ideas?  Clearly, someone is.  What purpose does this serve?  It’s not going to keep your hands warm, and it doesn’t look nice, so WHY DOES IT EXIST?  It’s like they had 364 good patterns and then they just needed that one last pattern, and someone got attacked by a rabid dog or something and thought, “hey, my mittens look like a little bikini now, that is so hot.”

I spit on you, bikini mitten. *spits*

 Now if I show you something THAT ugly, I have to show off something nice.  Check out my entrelac scarf!

Isn’t it bootiful?  It took me a good 20 tries (I kid you not) to actually get the beginning of this damn scarf right, but now I am on my merry little way, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a favourite, you know, when I finally get done.  I’m using this really nice Japanese yarn that I am BANANAS over, and it’s making the scarf look really interesting.  I love how it looks woven, but it’s actually just one, continuous piece of yarn.  I THINK I JUST BLEW YOUR MIND.

Anyhow, all this typing is stopping me from eating my soup!  I must finish the cheese!

K, bye!

I’m going to p2tog my eyes out!

Can I tell you how much the scarf above has gone from the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen to the SCARF OF MY DISCONTENT?!  I am sitting here with a pulled muscle in my shoulder and a headache, all from this scarf!

I saw this scarf on ravelry, and I knew I had to try and make it.  Up until now I’ve been pretty much knitting straight, rectangular scarves as my first attempts to get back into knitting, and they’ve all gone reasonably well.  Then I thought, “Pfft, I can do this” when I saw the above scarf, but no.  I am this much done:


and I have already ripped it apart about sixteen times.  I want to rip my brain out of my skull and step on it.  It’s likely because I haven’t knit in about eight years, but jesus christ, it’s going from a relaxing activity to rocket science over here! But I refuse to let the scarf win!!!  I MUST DEFEAT THIS PATTERN!  Maybe I haven’t had enough caffeine today…or maybe not enough alcohol, but I will tell you this:  ENTRELAC SCARF: YOU’RE GOING DOWN, BITCH!  I OWN YOU!

I think.

Winston says, “Happy New Year!!!”

Yes, this is what happens when you buy a unique yarn and have a very submissive dog.  Awesome.

Cables ‘n Bits

Isn’t this the cutest little doggy shrug you’ve ever seen?!  I must make this for baby Zelda!

Link to the pattern here!

Woo! I made this today!

I am working on a ribbed black scarf currently, but it’s taking a long time, so I took a break from it today to make a shrug!  Since it’s a little cold here now I am trying to make some wool stuff to keep warm, and the shrug turned out really nicely.  I used a different kind of yarn, some really nice purple yarn, and it looks great!  It used size 50 knitting needles, which make me look like a 3 year old knitting a shrug, but the enormous needles made it a lot easier and faster.  I think it took me 4 or so hours to make, and it’s basically a square folded over and stitched, but I really like it.  In fact, I think I am going to wear it to my interview tomorrow!  Woo!

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