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It isn’t the ending, so much as the start.

Hi, so…this is pretty much my life right now:


 Last week, or, I suppose for the last two weeks, my boss has been fired by the board of  the organization I work for.  They didn’t really tell him why, nor did they tell him specifically, “you’re fired.”  They pretty much said “don’t sign a new lease on a place” (he is from Australia and moved here to be the Executive Director of the org. I work for).

They haven’t given him his two weeks notice, or pay in lieu.  Just a kick in the ass on the way out, and no reason why.  This is basically illegal, which is funny because there’s a lawyer on our board.  GO FIGURE.

Anyhow, I don’t know why they fired him, but I am, well, WAS his assistant, as well as an office manager, but now I don’t have anyone to assist!  Half my job is gone!  That doesn’t mean I really have less to do, but now they’re likely going to hire some really strict Executive Director who is overly possessive like the board and it’s just going to be miserable.

SO, I am looking for a new job.  Hazaa!  I have an interview for a FANTASTIC job that really doesn’t pay any more than this one, but it is a job for a very prestigious place here, so I am excited!  I applied to 30 jobs alone just this evening, so I am on a mad hunt over here.

It’s been a rough week though!  I’ve lost my best friend and my great boss, all in one week!  There’d better be a nice silver lining here, otherwise I am going to hibernate all winter!

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