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O Holy Crap

Yes my friends, the holidays are a time of tradition, and for years now I’ve been treating you all to quite possibly the best Christmas song in the world. This incredible rendition is best saved for headphones, or a romantic evening with loved ones. It literally brings me to tears every time I listen to it.

Feel free to share this with loved ones. I make Steve listen share this with Steve every year.

(or download an mp3.)

Fierce and Fiercer

The video:

I am pretty sure that black women must have an extra set of hip or ass bones, because this is so amazing, I feel like I am watching 3 hula dolls jam out.

The Legend:

My mouth was open in amazement the entire video. Yours should be too. Some of you for different reasons.

My personal favorite version:

I feel like his crotch is going to act up and slap him in the face while he dances! Outrageous.

O holy…man this is terrible!

December is only a few days away, but I thought because you need to hear this glorious mess right here and now, that I would continue my tradition of sharing this glorious mess of a song with you to get you in the holiday spirit:

(or download an mp3.)

Can you believe it? Isn’t it just the most wonderful mess you’ve ever listened to? I originally got this from The Sneeze, and I have been in tears listening to it since 2006.

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