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I am going to do better. I will post more, I SWEAR! I just have to do some minor blog consulting for a few other people and some design stuff and I’ll be into it. You’d think after garnering enough attention to actually do a small consult that I’d spend a lot of time on my blog.
Lord knows I forget things so quickly that I ought to really be writing things down.
Like how I’ve never told you about Golnar (yes, that’s a real name). She works at a convenience store by my house and I have no idea what she’s saying. I’m almost scared to even look at her because her name is so terrifying.
Also, did you know they have flavored creamers at 7-Eleven? Like, the little ones that you get at Denny’s? I DIDN’T KNOW THIS! Thank god for my sister’s knowledge of this luxurious product. Now I can stuff them in my purse next time I visit one.


I’m just trying to find some inspiration currently. I think it’s about time I get back into the swing of things.

Meditation on Blogging

I need heeeeelp! I think I’ve run into a mental roadblock. That, or the anti-depressants are working so well they’ve stopped my ability to think in a creative manner. But don’t worry, that’s just a side effect and should wear off within 1-2 weeks. Yes, I’ve switched meds back onto Effexor because frankly, it was the only thing I’ve used in the past year and a half that’s actually done the proper job, or at least what I think it’s supposed to do. The other what? 5 that I’ve been on? They’ve all been progressively worse, I think. I guess that’s just a personal side effect when you work with the brain.
Anyhooters, I’m wondering what you, the lovely reader would like to see? I mean, I generally just write whatever I like, but is there something in particular that you’d like to see, or read? I’m up for whatever! Product reviews, general complaining, pug stories, youtube videos, whatevs! I guess when you are faced with any number of options, it’s sort of hard to pick. I need to be put in a box! I had this same issue when I’d be drawing. If someone actually told me to draw something, I would, but if I just had to sit and think about something to draw, nothing would come to mind!
So yeah, any suggestions? Even if you liked when I wrote about something in particular in the past. I’ve tended to have evolved from a blog that was very introspective to one that I more or less find entertaining. I think i was just more introspective in the beginning (4, 5 years ago now?! Ack!) because I was depressed and un-medicated, but come medication time, BAM, I am happy and sarcastic as a clam.
This reminds me that I was watching a youtube video the other day about this chick that was super happy and didn’t really have anything negative to say, and I was all like, “What the shit? She’s so….so….HAPPY! How can she not complain about anything?” But maybe that’s where I get my brand of humour from. From the misgivings of life and from all the shit that happens. That’s how it’s always been though. Crazy crap happens to me that, when combined, people tend to be amazed with. This is why my memoirs will be so entertaining someday. And my friends, that someday will be after my mom passes away, because no one really wants to tell their mom what they really think of them! And where would I be with all my stories if I didn’t have her? Whose nightstand would I find lube on? No one. I can tell you that right now.
On a side note, the office smelled like grilled cheese this morning, which almost made me think I was having a heart attack or something. Luckily I had already had one because one of my bosses had PUMPED UP THE JAMS on the radio last night, leaving dreary-eyed me to turn on the radio this morning and shit myself right out of the room because it was so loud. It really makes me wonder what kind of terrible dance parties are happening when I’m not around. I hope there are a lot of them.

This just in: one of my legs is shorter than the other

I shit you not, people. I went to the chiropractor today and lo and behold, my left leg is shorter than my right. I guess by about 3cm. That seems huge to me, though apparently it’s not THAT bad, like we’re not talking about having to buy two different pairs of shoes…though he told me that I could always go to the cobbler and get a little bit of a sole added to my shoe.


The x-ray was crooked enough that he asked me if I was leaning to one side when he took the x-ray. Oh lord.

Anyway, beyond the fact that I will become a crooked little old lady, the crack-a-lackin’ is pretty good! So far it just feels like I just worked out or something, but I’ve only been once. But that doesn’t mean I have to go back again, and again and AGAIN to fix my spine. Thank goodness for medical coverage!

In other news, I am all over Twitter as of yesterday. I am totally addicted to this shit. I can’t get enough. It’s probably because I am ridin’ the sweet wave of ADD at work, but either way it’s awesome. Here’s a peek into my day:

*I’m pretty sure I had a conversation about Grover from Sesame Street yesterday that I don’t really remember the details of…

*Can’t work, too busy thinking about penning “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Banana Hammocks: Some Hammocks Just Fit Together.”

*Shit guys, there’s only 24 more days till LudaChristmas!

*They’re always talking about hymens on Law & Order. I wish my day involved more discussions about hymens.

*Ben Mulroney I’m gonna cut you.

and so on. I’m trying to figure out how to get a Twitter widget on here, but wordpress doesn’t seem to like my micro-blogging ways. WordPress, I’m gonna cut you after I cut Ben Mulroney.

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