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Menthol Cigarettes are for girls!

Well, work was much, MUCH easier last night, thank goodness. Finally we are back to normal there! Tonight should be easy breezy (that’s right, I am working on New Years). I plan on going up to the ER with no real reasoning to check out whether there are any bizarre pre-new year accidents. I haven’t actually seen anything particularly weird up there yet, but people are bound to do stupid stuff every day.
I went out for drinks with Mike, Dusan, and Steve R, which was an absolute delight! These dudes couldn’t be more awesome. There’s nothing like drinking beer with good friends while discussing the uncanny resemblance that the men on Ultimate Fighting Championship have to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Forest of Love and Sin

Worn out, weary, and tired I go through the motions of the day. For two more days I must slog through the day and make it through. I suppose that’s a fairly good picture of how the year has been. Just trying to get through to the next year. My mother has always said that odd years are better than the even ones. I had thought at the beginning of the year that this was going to be better than the last. I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t. This year has really been rough. Drowning in catastrohy with no rescue in sight except for those few days that weren’t as bad as the last. Fate guides us in very bizarre directions.
Losing security, losing sincerity, losing a few pieces of the final puzzle only to be puzzled myself as to how to acquire the missing pieces.
I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for the next few years of my life and I often find myself running in circles. I’m lost in promises people make to me.

I’ll figure it out eventually, but I think there are some very big decisions to come.

I’m just glad tomorrow is the last day of this year, even though circumstances really don’t change. It’s just nice to find escape in the change of a number on my calendar.

Let’s play: Whose blood is that on the floor?!?!

I am terribly sorry fo rmy blogging absense, but as of late, my workplace has consisted of about 25% of the normal staff. I am currently running on fumes, executing the duties of a 180 pound man. Actually, I am not only doing one guy’s job, I’m doing part of two others! Everyone is all cranky bitch time at work, so this week has been a real pooper so far.

A man in the hospital set his face and hands on fire when he decided to light up a cigarette inside the hospital with an oxygen mask on. BRILLIANT.

I entered one of the mental health wards and saw blood on the floor. It was right by the entrance, so unless someone was dragging a body into the main hall of the hospital, we shall never know why the janitors can’t seem to mop up evidence…

Anyhow, I am terribly tired from work, so I will take a nap and blog when I am feeling more fun!

The Day I Love

It’s time to grease up my elbows for…



That is all.


Last night I went to Zoolights with my boyfriend. Zoolights is held (surprise!) at the zoo. They put up a shitload of lights and make the whole park sparkle. I loved it!

Pretty much the best photo ever taken…

I know these little buggers appeared in a previous adventure-post, but I finally managed to get this fantastic picture uploaded that Steve took!

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