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I heart life right now

Oh me oh my I’m sorry I’ve been so lame with my blogging since I got back to C-town, it’s just been a busy few weeks for me!

I have worked a few shifts at the ever-crazy new store I’m at. Shrek is crazy and her eye is all red now from God knows what. I think she may have taken a dick to the eye! EEP! It’s funny going to a new store though because most of the older women like to tell me what to do until they find out that I am THEIR boss. BOOH-YA! I love it. The attitude changes ever so drastically when they find out I’m in charge. On a bux related note- I love the gay baristas, they are hillarious and awesome.

Let’s see..what else have I been up to…I went to a birthday party last night for a friend of mine and Steve’s, who I will refer to as Weezer since he loves the band so damn much. Weezer is the funniest drunk I’ve ever seen, he’s the type who is all “I FUCKIN’ LOOOOVE YOU!!!” and is all hugs and laughter. Well, his friends got him so drunk that he was laying outside in the parking lot drunk by about 11:30pm. I happened to step outside to call Mikey to come down to karaoke when I see Weezer laying with some people looking like he’s going to pass out. No one has given him any water at this point, so I ask him if he’d like some, to which I get a “yeah, a little bit” trailing off kind of answer. Aww man, pissed drunk and it ain’t even midnight! So I bring him some water, then his friends smarten up and bring him some more. I end up going to Macs with Mikey and Weezer ends up barfing up a flood of booze and water in the parking lot. I mention this only because this was the most vomit I have EVER seen. I don’t like anything to do with puke, but holy wow it looked like Weezer just threw a 4L bucket of water into the parking lot! Amazing. Poor guy had to leave by midnight. Hopefully he’s okay today…

Not much new with me other than that. I’ve been living with Steve for a week now, it’s good times. Ah livin’ in sin, it’s the Canadian dream!

I shall post more later! This time I really will! I miss you, my blogging friends!

Greetings from Beyond the E-Grave

You can’t get rid of me that easy. Explanations to come later!

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