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If I could turn back time…

I probably wouldn’t have shown up for work AN HOUR EARLY because I forgot to change my clocks. FUCK. That’s right. I got up at 4am today and showed up for work at 5am. I wasn’t supposed to start until 6am. I realized I was a dumbass when I got to the doors and they were locked. “WTF? The doors are only locked until 5….OH MY GOD, I FORGOT TO SET MY CLOCK BACK!!!” I drove home and layed on my couch for 45 minutes. Damnit, I didn’t even really get the extra hour.
Today I didn’t really see anything interesting at work, though I met a delightful doctor (and by delightful, I mean he’s all about the ladies, and was extra nice to me so that I would bring him up a special delivery of cardboard.)
I did, however, see something totally bizarre on the way home. I was just thinking how nothing out of the ordinary had happened at work when I see a man RIDING A HORSE OVER A PEDESTRIAN OVERPASS. WTF?! First, where the shit did this guy get a horse in the middle of a city, and second, who is stupid enough to ride said horse over an overpass?! the horse got spooked and started backing up and all I could think was, “He is SO effed if that horse freaks out, he’s totally going to fall straight into traffic.” As far as I could tell the horse backed right down the overpass.
What a stupid idiot.


I think I’m gonna poop a little.

Eighteen Seconds Before Sunrise

While blindly watching Much Music one evening I gladly tuned into The Wedge. This show has pretty much the last remenants of good music on this channel. I lay in bed watching the usual Rilo Kiley videos when a strange humm echoed from my television. Visions of children dancing and playing in ash with gas masks on flashed before me. The gentle waiver of a muffled voice almost seemed to cry out from the screen. What in the world was this? I didn’t know, but I knew I wanted more. It was the most creative video I had seen in ages. I quickly scribbled down the name of the band on a note card. “Sigur Ros.” The song? “Untitled.”
A few days later I looked around on the internet for information on this band. I thought if I could only find this moving song I could die in musical peace. To my dismay, when I set out to find this “untitled” song I wasn’t aware of the entire album of songs by Sigur Ros entitled, “Untitled.” Even more strange was the title of the album itself “()”.
I went to a music store last night with the mission of being able to scrounge up a copy of the new Wolf Parade CD. Some emo jerk was standing in the W section so I stopped abruptly and turned to look at the closest CDs (I figured he’d move out of my way quickly enough). I turned to face the newest Sigur Ros CD. I flipped through more albums to find the illusive () album. “Heck. Yes.” I muttered in my head. It was time to find my song.
I ended up walking out of the store one CD richer than I had anticipated, but I figured, what the hell, let’s get a treat!
I opened the bizarre packaging only to find a blank white CD. I cracked my new jem out of the case only to notice a rather ghostly () logo on the CD. CREEEEEEEPY, but really beautiful. I put the CD in only to have it unable to play. Oddly enough after several moments of struggle and disk changes, out flew the gentle yet haunting music of Sigur Ros.
I write this because I really believe this band is nothing like I have ever heard. As my eardrums tastfully moved throughout the album’s lingering piano and guitar melodies, I thought to myself, “These are the songs that you play as your sad memories haunt you after dark.”

I think that sums it up. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Kitty Eats a Muffin

So I’m just sitting at my computer when I see my step-dad’s fat cat come into my room. I pay her no mind as she often just likes to hide under my bed. Then I look down and she’s totally snacking on the remains of a cranberry and apple muffin I was eating. She’s still getting her snack on as I write this.
I only write this because a car eating a muffin is totally messed up, not to mention I’ve never seen this cat eat people food.

I’m going to let her eat the muffin anyway.

Pugs are so totally sweet

Pugs are sweet. So is Halloween. Pugs + Halloween = MAGIC!!!


Making Joe famous since 8:04pm.

Joe rules. Joe is like the cherry on a delicious sundae. Joe is like the root beer in a root beer float. He is the stripes on a bee.

In fact, he’s the bees knees.

An Academic High

I just wanted to write something down so that everyone can see how nuts I get when I get all academic all up in the hizzy. I have been formatting my group’s 25 page paper for Social Work for the past 5 1/2 hours. That’s right. The grammar, spelling, formatting, and pretty much most of the paper blew. It’s like taking different parts of people’s bodies and sewing a patchwork human being together! I’m like the fuckin’ doctor that made Frankenstien over here!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!

My eyes are dry, my shoulders are killing me, and I feel like I ate some fur, but you know what?! I fucking RULE at this.

By the end of the night I may have died from too many paper cuts, but it was worth it! The Queen of Academia will rise again to take her pencil crayon septor and sit on her eraser shaving throne!


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