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Life by the Sea

Is it sick that I have now lived on the coast…like RIGHT on the coast, and yet I haven’t been to the beach yet? I have only seen the sea from my car window as I head to work in the mornings! Let me say though that a commute to work that involves driving through a forest, and then by the sea isn’t really such a hard drive to make every morning.

It’s pretty much a sweet drive anywhere you go here. Probably moreso to me because everything is new. I even got excited when I saw a Lamborghini dealership. WTF?

Anyhow, today I made an effort to go to Granville Island for some pasta that I have longed for since I visited two years ago. Yes, they still make it, and yes, it is just as delicious. Delicious enough that I bought $9 worth!

Here we see the leafy entrance to Granville Island (and also several morons who actually DROVE there, which is like a parking death wish):

I can best explain Granville Island with this photo:
Most of the time you don’t know what’s going on, but you’re pretty sure you like it.

I stopped to have a snack under this pretty awning:
by several food vendors that were INSANELY BUSY. I’m sure it’s like that from morning to night. I sat by a nice old man who was possibly senile, but he seemed to like his tea a lot, so good for him.

I thought about sitting outside by the water, but around these parts the seagulls are big, and they are mean!
See how this one is looking at the camera? He is thinking about killing. Killing and eating.

Anyhow, I didn’t take any of these photos, though they are all of the areas that I was in, but they illustrate the glory as good as anything. I will absolutely have my camera on me at all times once my connector cable shows up tomorrow with all my other stuff! Woo!

I must be off though, Steve is due to arrive soon! Fourteen days without my Steve! EeeeeeP!


If you’re thinking your dog is safe sitting in the car, I’d read this:

I just got this emailed to me from the message board on the Vancovuer Pug Meetup group, check it out:

Hi All You Pug Owners!

I just wanted to let all of you know not to take your pug with you when you go out, especially leaving them inside the car. Yesterday I was at the Canada Safeway in Delta at 64th and Scott Road Sunshine Hills location. I parked my SUV at 6:09 PM as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t inside Safeway long as I had Lily with me, so that is why I knew exactly what time I parked the vehicle at. Well anyway, I left my window down a little for her, and put my alarm system on. I walked backed to my vehicle at 6:15 and my alarm was sounding, I then looked inside the front seat where I last saw my pug, as I had her in one of those seatbelt harnesses so she could not climb into the back seat, where I had all my stuff from work back there. I thought maybe she got out of her harness and was now somewhere in the back part of my SUV. When I noticed she wasn’t I began to Panic as I now knew something terrible has happened!

For some reason I walked to my passenger door and there he was a strange man in his early thirties crouched down so I would not see him. He had a black back pack and when I yelled out at him, Where is my dog, he responded, what dog. I must of blacked out everything else as seconds passed by now and somehow I got a hold of his backpack that was already strapped onto his back. I don’t remember anything else except for now I had Lily in my arms. In the meantime he had also grabbed my GPS Navigation system that was bolted to my dash. So not only did he steal my GPS he also had stolen a very important part of my life, my little Pug, Lily. Thank goodness I was not any longer in Canada Safeway as I may not have ever seen her again, as so many dogs go missing every day. This has sure taught me a lesson, as I know it’s hard to leave her alone at home, but I will be making sure she is never left alone inside my vehicle ever again as it only takes seconds, and I felt this would never happen to me, but it did.

Winston just took a dump on my leg!


Let me explain.

I just got back from the dog park, where we met several new and delightful dogs, including a boston terrier who wanted to hump Zelda to death, and a miniature Australian cattle dog. Man, the dog park is like the hub of socializing about how proud you are of your dog! Single people of the world: find your soul mate at the dog park. Seriously. There are tons of people who are standing around and HELLO, you have a common interest in dogs.

Well, I guess you’d have to either have or borrow a dog to go to the dog park, otherwise I think the jig would be up.

Anyway, back to the pooping.

So we’re walking along the seawall back to the apartment when suddenly Winston decides to squat RIGHT in front of this old couple on a date, on the brick sidewalk. I look at her and she gives me one of those “ugh, of COURSE a dog would do that” kind of look, so I try and tug him onto the grass.

This somehow scares him in mid-turd, at which point he makes an abrupt turn to the left. I look on the ground, expecting to see a poop.

No turd.

Where is the poop?!


So there I am, standing at the doc with a piece of dog shit wiped on my leg. The woman still looking at me.

So I dunno, if anyone needs me to come hang out near them on their date and “set the mood”, I can probably get Winston to take another dump on my leg, or maybe even cough something up onto your shoes.

My leg smells. I’m gonna go wash it.

Winston is pretty stoked about the dog park

And pretty tired!

So many dogs…seriously.

I saw two really fat beagles that made me laugh really hard, but then I kind of felt bad because they were so fat. Kind of like this:
Haha, actually they had this same tired hatred for life too. Fat beagles are hilarious and sad.

I also saw some kind of white terriers. I don’t know what’s with people and little white terriers! I mean, you could have an OBESE BEAGLE people.

People are pretty friendly at the dog park. Except for snooty old ladies. I don’t know what’s up with that.

Today Winston tried to jump into a fountain after the park because he was thirsty. Well, except that he chickened out right before and then almost hurled Zelda into it instead.

I have a blister from walking so much! Agh!

I also had a conversation on the street with a gay man who had AIDS and couldn’t afford groceries. He said I had fabulous hair, and I felt kinda bad because I was holding groceries at the time, but he just wanted some change for food. I wonder if he was really going to buy food with it?

It’s also been sunny out all day today, which is lovely because then I can see the inlet from my window really well. I like watching the little seabuses scoot around with people in it.


Sometimes my life is as exciting as THIS!

Here’s how I intended to spend my day. Oh yes, and the large orange section is work…click to enlarge…

Now here’s what really happened:

I’ve got a pretty bad headache.

Dang. I don’t think I’ve had nearly enough water today! But that is a boring story.

So yesterday I took the pugs for a walk. Walks are likely going to be much more interesting now that I live in a really busy city. I live right near a fire hall and they were having this sort of “Meet your friendly, neighbourhood firemen!” day, which I didn’t know firemen did? but oh well. I walked the pugs by and I guess no one was really showing up to the fire hall, because they were pretty excited when I walked by. They invited me into the fire hall for cookies and milk. I’m not kidding. Actually, that sounds kind of like the beginning to a porno or something, but anyhow, they were nice dudes. I sadly declined because I had puppy walking to do!
So far, there are two kinds of people who own dogs here. The first kind of people only own dogs as show-pieces, and just walk them so they can parade around and be all hip. The second kind actually LIKE dogs. Fortunately, I am in the second group, and I imagine all of you are as well. The shitty thing about the first group is that they don’t actually understand why a dog would get upset at the prospect of not being able to sniff another dog’s junk. Zelda gets pretty upset when this happens. Like, she gets a really high-pitched bark and freaks out. It’s pretty embarassing. She is SO loud sometimes that people give me this “what is WRONG with your DOG?” look, to which I want to yell, “If you would just let my dog SMELL your dog, she would be fine!!!”
Alas, discussing ass sniffing in public is a social faux-pas. I say, EMBRACE DOGGY BUTT-SNIFFING!!! DO NOT BE ASHAMED!

Anyhow, while out for the walk I tried to take them to the inlet, which is basically like a small section of water that comes inland from the ocean. I can see it out my window, so I thought I might try to walk the dogs along there.

It was a seriously good call. I found an off-leash dog park! Not even five minutes away from my apartment! Winston and Zelda met a lovely little she-hulk kind of bulldog named Louise, who was early for a bulldog meetup. They also met two greyhounds and a puggle. Winston for some reason could really give a toot about the smaller dogs, but felt it necessary to speak to the greyhounds by giving several loud “woowoo” barks at them. I don’t think they caught the importance of his message.

Alas, I don’t have my camera connector cable, so I can’t relay the awesomeness of the bulldog, nor the five other bulldogs I saw arriving to the meetup, INCLUDING an ENORMOUS all-white bulldog that looked exactly like Meaty from the show Rob and Big (I wanted to put this in so Amanda would smile, because she would appreciate the Meaty reference). IT WAS SO BIG! I wanted to put a saddle on the bulldog and ride him home.

When we got home I realized we had been out for an hour and a half! LONGEST WALKIES EVER! It was actually enough to tire them out though, so that was a bonus!

Also, Zelda and I did an Andy Warhol photo shoot and she wanted me to show you her best photo because she looks so pawsome in it:

So stoic. So thoughtful. So baby Zelda.

Also, instead of a 45 minute drive home tonight, I took this really convoluted way home and it only took me 25 minutes! I actually had never been home so early yet! I didn’t know what to do with myself! In turn, I celebrated by having a 2 hour nap, which is probably why I have a headache now. I guess that’s not so much a nap as a COMA, but it’s all the same in my world.

I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere, anytime.


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