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I’m Turning Japanese!

Guess who is taking effin’ Japanese next semester?! Me! It was international education week at school, and I went to a seminar about teaching english as a second language because it advertised that TESOL was being offered for the first time at my school as a non-credit course. If I take it, I can teach english almost anywhere in the world! How sweet would it be to teach english in Japan?! PRETTY DARN SWEET. Anyhow, I found out from the presentation that it’s actually rather useful to know Japanese before I go over there (a friend had told me otherwise since there are something like 24 different dialects). I was informed that MRC offers a non-credit Japanese course that I can take next semester! HECK. YES. I got loads of info and I registered not a half hour after the seminar.
So if I take this course after I graduate (which is the soonest I can take it) I can teach english in Japan, or anywhere else, OR I can stay in Canada and teach ESL students, which would also be sweet.
On a side note, I was only one of TWO students who went to the seminar. Man people can be lame! Although it was a rather sad turnout, the other chick and I asked LOADS of questions (she wanted to go to China). Thankfully there was also a government intern there who informed me about the good side of learning Japanese before I went overseas.

BEST THING EVER. I was so stoked yesterday I almost had to change my underwear! ALMOST.

Anyhow, I start Japanese on Jan. 24th! SO SO SO AWESOME.

Totally awesome smiles happy hoorayness.


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