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Measures of Madness

The world is so fucked up. Here I sit in a crowded coffee shop, secretly listening to a couple on the verge of breaking up, and on the other side of them, another couple on a first date. They are both painful conversations to listen to. The break-up couple is speaking of 13 years together and not listening to one another, the other couple speaks in giggles and nonsense.

“You are TELLING me how I feel and what I am doing wrong. You aren’t listening to me!”
“Yes I am, but you aren’t listening to me!”


“What’s your favorite milkshake?!”
Giggle, giggle


This makes the world seem like quite an unusual place.

In another strange turn of events, I was just approached by two people asking if they could sit at my table with me. Now I literally trapped in a corner, closed in by the couple that are on a date, and three other people who are now sitting at my table having a casual conversation. The strangest thing is that the guy who asked me if these people could sit with me came back to the table in the middle of ordering and said, “Since we are joining your table, would you like anything?”
Whaaaaa? How strange and yet genuinely nice at the same time…

Holy snowballs!

Seriously, what the EFF is with today?! I awoke to a glorious layer of snow outside, to which I thought, “eff you winter, I am driving!” So I babysat for a few hours and watched Spongebob Squarepants a few times and I was back on the road.


I was probably 20 minutes away (in GOOD traffic) from downtown where I intended on interviewing a board member of a theatre organization for a project. I ended up showing up to the loaction 45 minutes late and with only 18 minutes in my parking meter. She had left, which means I had just wasted an hour for nothing. I then decided “eff this” again and decided to drive about 20 blocks to Kensington for a coffee. For those of you who wouldn’t know, Kensington is still downtown. It took me another God knows how long amount of time to get to this damn coffee shop. In total, I have been in my vehicle stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Hours of my life I will never get back! (sob sob).

I saw an ENORMOUS car accident, like 5 police cars, 4 fire trucks, and 2 ambulances.

And a number of pissed off and cold people.

I intend to sit here and boycott the snow for another few hours so I’m not sitting in my car for another 2 hours. Screw you winter!

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