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Saturday Etsy Shopping Faves

Needle and Thread

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sewing, and that I ought to get back in the habit.  but first!  I must get a sewing machine!  Or, a new one that is.  I took sewing classes from grade 7-12, so I did it for 6 years, but after high school, there weren’t any random sewing classes in college, so I just stopped.  

Well, I stopped sewing with the guide of a teacher.  I think I may have done some lame alterations on my own.  And that was with a suuuuuper old sewing machine that belonged to my grandma.  It was so old it didn’t have a foot pedal, it had a sort of outer thigh bar that you had to press with your leg. Hers was the only sewing machine I’ve ever seen like it.  It wasn’t a bad machine, but it was VERY, VERY heavy.  So no thanks.  I think I left it in Calgary?  Or my mom has it? Or maybe it got up and walked away?

I thought it might be fun to make some skirts and shirts, but I haven’t sewn in so long that I don’t know if I should really invest in it?  I mean, it’s probably good to have a sewing machine.  And I can make one kick ass pillow, let me tell you!  Squares ahoy!  And I can do one mean invisible stitch by hand.  

I guess I’m just sort of “meh” to all the clothing I’ve seen lately, and to the ridiculous prices for simple garments.  I’m all like, “I could do that, pfft! Get me a sewing machine and fabric and let’s do this!”

It doesn’t help that there’s basically NO ROOM in our apartment though, and I doubt the dogs would take kindly to the sound of a sewing machine without trying to attack it.  

What’s a girl to do?!

Zero Consumption

As of this Saturday I will have made it through one month of not buying a single item of clothing.  ZERO!  I didn’t even cheat and buy say, jewelry.  Literally I have purchased nothing but essentials.  This coming after several months of buying SEVERAL things a week.  Good for me!
The crap thing is that I’ve had to pay bills, and my landlady had taken rent out twice in July, thus effing up my spending.  I got her to not take out August rent, but I’ve been paying bills, and sigh, really I am left with no more money than usual as it stands.  Boo!  
I plan on keeping up with this though, and really evaluating what I actually need in my wardrobe compared to what I “want” because those are two different things!
I did realize that I don’t own any sort of flat shoe that will cover the top of my feet and keep them warm.  I thought that was pretty weird considering I own many, MANY pairs of shoes.  So perhaps this month I will get a pair of reasonably priced shoes.  That will be my purchase.  But that ought to be it other than say, a cardigan?  I love cardigans.  Drape me in cardigans!  I would wear a cardigan every day if it were feasible. 
Anyway, enough about cardigans and shoes.
Hopefully I will be able to pay off the old credit card in a reasonable amount of time.  Really, if I wanted to look back on what I managed to buy compared to what I use, that’s a pretty depressing thought!  I just want to pay it all off and be done with it, because I will certainly have a lot more money if I can just pay the credit card OFF.  COMPLETELY.  Damn interest.  I hate interest.  However, in my own interest I have changed my card to a low interest option, so I won’t get absolutely raped at the bank.  Hopefully that will help.  In a year I should be debt free. GOD WILLING.
So I will continue on my “do not buy anything” front, and maybe try and go 2 months and make it to October without buying anything except that pair of shoes I need.  Because my feets are cold! 

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

I’m looking to “lighten” my closet, and I still have plenty of good pieces, but there’s no good place to donate clothing to that I can actually walk to downtown, and I’d sort of feel guilty just throwing this stuff out because it’s in good condition, I just happen to be very fickle and impulsive and end up not wearing some stuff more than a few times.  Bad habit, I know, but, I’m trying to buy more things that I can wear with other portions of my wardrobe to make it more versatile.  Thus, I must huck a bunch of stuff out of my closet!
I was thinking about putting stuff up on ebay, but ebay takes a portion of your earnings and then I’d have to go through the trouble of sending the items to whoever buys it, etc.  In short, I am sort of lazy, but at least this would make me some money.  Unless no one buys anything, and then really I will have SPENT money trying to make money…ehhhh….
There’s also a group on Flickr that is a “swap” group where you post a photo of your item and then people swap for other items, but really, there’s nothing on there that I’m really excited to swap for, so that just seems like a waste.
I could also just post some photos and be like, “okay, if you want this, just pay the shipping and I’ll send it to you for free (well, less the shipping fee)” but I don’t know if that would work?
Maybe I should post some photos on here and see what you all think?  It’s just one of those things where my closet is too full and so I’ve needed to take out anything that isn’t in a good rotation, thus, giving me more room for stuff! Huzzah!
What do you normally do when you clean out the closet?

Hmmmm, just sayin…

So, just in case you think I’m wearing hooker skirts, I wanted to clarify and show you that this was the dress I was wearing (above).  Yes, this isn’t me, but I bought this dress off etsy and it pretty much fits exactly the same on me as it does on this chick.  Anyhow, I am now in turmoil because I’m wondering if my next purchase should be a size larger???  This is the other one I’m gonna get:

Oh to be a girl with fashion problems.  I think if I buy a large (which, hi I’m only a size 4-6 so uhhh????), that it might look like a sack on me?

Plus, I don’t want to flash a panty shot at anyone, especially when it gets nicer out and I actually go out without a knee length jacket….


Dresses: helping me flash my junk at people since last summer.

Life sometimes hands you little surprises.  Like right now I am drinking hot chocolate that I made at the office (Cadbury, OMG), and it’s been sitting for a little while, but I take a sip anyway.  Then I get a nice mouthfull of the skin that has settled on the top of the drink.  It’s slimy, and it’s sort of rubbery, and it tastes like a gelatenous little layer of not-quite pudding in my mouth.  Nature, why do you make disgusting skins on soups and beverages?!  Soup skin I don’t find to be too bad, but drink skin is sick.  It has the makeup that’s too close to REAL skin.  What the hell do you DO with the skin, too?  Do I skim it off and throw it out?  It’s all sloppy and wet, and the damn skin usually breaks apart before I can get all of it off.  Do I just try and stir it back into the drink?  No.  The skin doesn’t melt back into the drink, it just chunks up my drink.  If I wanted chunky chunks I’d eat a cookie, or maybe some chunky peanut butter.  You know what, I wouldn’t eat chunky peanut butter because I hate chunky peanut butter!  I hate chunks where I feel there should be none!  Boo to chunks!
Also, I’m wearing more skirts at work and i’ve come to discover that when you walk 20 min to get to work, sometimes when you take your jacket off your whole VAG is just like “out there” because your skirt has risen up.  Ladies, check your junk in the elevator!  Pull those skirts down.  I was THISCLOSE to flashing some underpants this morning, but thank the sweet Gods that I remembered, “hey, this dress is a little tight on the hips, maybe I ought to just take a look at my “situation” and BAM, my skirt is maybe a good 2″ higher than anyone would deem “work appropriate” because at this point I can feel that my ass is pretty much half showing, but thank the GODS again I still have my jacket MOSTLY on.
Being a chick is hard!  You’re always checking to make sure your vag and boobs aren’t showing.  I guess if I’d just stick to pants I really wouldn’t have this problem, but as I’ve come to realize over the past year, a dress is pretty much a whole outfit done for you.  There’s no messing with what pants match what top, it’s just like SHAZAM you are dressed just by lifting the garment over your head.  You really can’t beat that.  It’s almost like a moo moo, but you won’t end up on Springer finding out that your husband is actually a bisexual female that likes horses a little too much.  Man, I could write slogans for clothing.  Pshhhhhht.

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