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Dreams are made of marmosets and transsexuals

I have to say since I started anti-anxiety medication I have been having the most bizarre dreams. I can say I had beautiful dreams beforehand, but now they seem to have the most intricate plots and strange twists I’ve ever experienced…
As for the dream I had two nights ago, this is a minor synopsis:

My sister was getting married again…
I remember balloons shaped like lillies,
having to sit on the floor instead of in chairs,
wearing a lot of aqua jewelry,
looking in a cupboard to see a clock with 1, 2, 3 inscribed on it,
I also remember that the wedding was right next to a japanese zen
garden (with the bonzai trees and the rocks and sand). This garden
happened to be on the campus of an art school. I never actually went
into the rock garden, though I did see a lady with what I remember
calling a giant marmoset (sp?) out of the garden like a dog. She had
large dreadlocks of blonde and black and the marmoset had HUGE eyes.
I knocked on the window to try and get the marmoset to come see me,
but the lady got mad and yelled at me in French or Serbian.
I remember trying to prove someone was cheating on someone else…

Now I must note that although it was insisted in my dream that the animal she was walking was a marmoset, through some mammal research I found the animal to, in fact, be a lemur and not a marmoset. Marmosets are rad though, but lemurs are sweeter.

Last night’s dream is kind of seeping forth in small amounts, but as for that…

I was in a class with both Mike and Steve
They went into the mens bathroom and I followed them for some reason
I proceeded to go to the bathroom in a stall
I heard a friend from high school walk in and mention how my shoes were too cute to be a boy
then some police or something walked in and tried to get me out of the bathroom by reaching over the stall to grab me and I was all, “Hey! I’m going to the BATHROOM!”
I think I ended up running away from the authorities in a mad chase down a lot of stairs
at some point Steve told me he was actually a woman and I was like, “WHAAAAAA?!?!” (sorry Steve!)
I also ended up at some art fair where I lost my car.

Lots of this stuff is pretty sweet, some stuff…not so sweet (actually, only the part about getting in trouble for peeing in a men’s bathroom and Steve having girl parts sucked, but I’ve never been in a men’s bathroom and I can vouch for the fact that Steve is indeed, totally a dude).

In other news, my back is almost better! I stayed in bed for something like 12 hours to ensure I relaxed. I am currently enjoying a coffee and Baileys and some cereal. Hopefully I won’t want to vomit for 6 hours of my shift tonight, but who knows, Deputy Dog is working…

You know what sucks?

When you’ve pulled a muscle in your back and your mom’s all like, “take two robaxacet and two advil and you’ll feel great” but you don’t because that’s a lot of drugs to be mixing with anti-anxiety meds. Then your back starts hurting so badly you can’t turn to face anyone who’s talking to you, so you take two robxacet and they do nothing for your back pain, but instead just make you so lightheaded you feel like you’re high. Then you go to work and try to unpack product in a safe manner but you’re so coked up you don’t know which cart you’re even loading onto and you get a migrane because your back is still killing you. Then you end up sitting on the floor of the bathroom for 30 minutes because you think you’re going to puke at any minute from the pain. Then you crawl back to your desk and answer phone calls from angry nurses while some fat biatch sings “piano man” for 15 minutes straight. You then spend the rest of your shift trying to decide whether or not to take an advil since you’ve already had two different kinds of medication today. you eventually do and the advil also has no effect. Then you come home and your mother tries to feed you shrimp because you haven’t eaten because you’re sick to your stomach. You refuse and go to the solitude of your room only to discover that your family is watching Pirates of the Carribbean so loud you can hear the dialogue from 2 floors up.


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