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Another day, another chance to catch a cold…again

That’s right, I haven’t posted because for the third time in maybe two, three months?  I am sick.  AGAIN.  And I never get sick.  Ever since I worked at the hospital I’ve been pretty immune to your basic cold.  Something keeps making me sick here.  The only thing I can attribute it to is someone I work with.  I didn’t get sick at my last job, and that involved a less clean environment, so I don’t understand what’s doing it now!  I take multivitamins, I try to drink lots of water, I get more exercise than last year.  It’s a mystery to me!

Sadly, that effs up my NaPoBloMo, but I’ve been pretty good, so I am going to give myself a break.  Not from blogging, but from feeling bad that I missed a day here and there :0)

Each of these colds have been slightly different, so I’m not sure who they are coming from.  Maybe I’m just allergic to a shitty work situation??  Indeed.

In other news, I went to the chiropractor for the first time today to see if I could help my spine out a bit. My mom used to crack my back when I was little, thus setting me up to have a fucked up back for life. Now I need Steve to squeeze me every so often to get my back to pop (yes, I know this is bad) just to feel better.  I think it’s the desks at this new job?  I sit in a VERY uncomfortable chair that cost probably $10, whereas the bosses sit in $150-$300 chairs.  Naturally.

So apparently upon first look, the entire left side of my body is much more tense, and slightly higher than my right.  Everywhere!  My hips are out of alignment, my shoulders, my arms.  It’s like I’ve been walking on a slant my whole life.  This likely also comes from my mom, because we both like to stand with one leg crossed over the other, with one foot on top of the other.  I shit you not.  This is how I stand the most comfortably.  Go figure.  Anyway, I got some xrays done so I’ll get a nice look at my bones come Tuesday when I go back.  Then maybe we’ll get some poppin’ started!

The Politics of a Cold

So I’ve been laid out all week with some sort of a terrible cold.  Is ‘exploding ass’ and ‘projectile vomiting’ part of a cold, usually?  It’s like two terribly different, terribly TERRIBLE illnesses just sort of mashed up together in some sort of illness casserole and I ate it up like it was a delicious bowl of jello.  Actually, speaking of Jello, I ought to be eating some of that shit because I can’t seem to eat anything else without it running in one direction or the other to get out of my body!

My biggest meal in the past week has been the burrito I consumed after a lot of careful thought today at lunch.  Why the careful thought, you ask?  Because I am sure it’s going to spray it’s way out of me later today.  I figure it’s better to at least try and absorb some sort of nutrients from a food I like instead of eating chicken noodle soup at every meal.  Though I am pretty sure that Lipton’s chicken noodle soup contains absolutely nothing that resembles chicken.  I mean, it’s neon green for Pete’s sake!  I know this because I spilt some on my carpet earlier in the week and spent 20 minutes Bissel-ing the hell out of the rug to get the radioactive soup stain out of my life.  It probably only took 20 minutes because I was keeled over weakly rubbing the scrubber back and forth and a very slow pace.

It took me a good 5 days before I actually stopped feeling guilty about being sick and actually laid down for the whole day.  I didn’t try to tidy.  I didn’t even try to watch a full episode of one of the 150 court TV shows that seem to be on ALL. DAY. LONG.  How glorious it was to just sleep all day.  I wish I had a week off to do that without all the coughing and the sore throat!  I guess that’s why they call it being sick and not, say, a vacation!  Yeah, you can have 3 days off, but you’re going to have to pay with some sort of stomach/head infection combo!  TAKE THAT!

My poor abdomen feels like a wet balloon filled with half-eaten ribs.  I always forget about this part of being sick.  Normally I can avoid it with cough drops, but I’ve been advised to avoid any medicine other than vitamin C, as everything else will make me yak.  I guess I should get in the tub or something?  Does humidity help a cough?  Or does it make it worse?  Perhaps I ought to just stand outside in some of this glorious Vancouver rain and just soak it in.

It really takes coming to work to realize that you shouldn’t have come to work.

Sick Day!!!

I am home sick today, and I think you know what that means:


Oh yes, let the fun begin my friends.  After I became obsessed with trying not to catch the cold going around work (otherwise known as THE PLAGUE), I was convinced I had it beat.  I even made everyone put hand sanitizer at their desks!  But no.  The cold finally got me.  That or someone licked my phone receiver because I was maybe one of two people who hadn’t been sick yet.

So first off, as I have just eaten my first half meal of the day, can I just take a second to tell you how crazy delicious cucumber and cream cheese sammiches are?!


Frankly, it’s like an angel came down and decided to bestow upon the human race the most simple and delicious little sammich we would ever know.

Um yeah, clubhouse sammiches?  Go eat a bag of dicks, because there’s a new bitch in town and her name is cucumber cream cheese.

Seriously, I had heard about these sammiches before, but I finally got to eat one on the weekend (it was part of a sammich tray at an event I had to work) and I pretty much passed out when I ate it.  Then I ate another.  Then some bitch took the third one and I couldn’t eat anymore of them.  Pfft!

Okay, okay, for those of you who eat meat, this may not be the best sammich, but for those who don’t, this is like putting a freaking cheesecake in between two slices of bread and then adding a dash of HELL YES. 

Can I also just say that I seem to be talking about food a lot on this blog lately?  Do you see the size of the tag that says “Food and Drink” in the sidebar?  It’s pretty much going to take up a whole page worth of space when I am done this post.

So I mean, if I am going to tell you about food, I should put a recipe up, right?

CHEESECAKE BAGEL (otherwise known as the poor man/woman’s cheesecake):


1 bagel

jam of your choice

package of cream cheese

a knife

Slice bagel and apply generous amount of cream cheese onto both sides.  Apply generous amount of jam of your choice on top of cream cheese.

 BLAM!  Enjoy.  Or should I say, YOU’RE WELCOME.

I lived on these when I lived in Banff.  Well, these and microwave dinners (cooking wasn’t really an option in a dorm kitchen with mice).

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