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Food, or something like it

Son of a beeeeee!  I didn’t post yesterday.  For shame!  However, I will post this and then post again later, so shhhhh!

Do you ever try a new recipe and then it all smells and looks good, and then you taste it and it sort of tastes like nothing?  This happened yesterday with some polenta I was making with kale, tomato and goat cheese.  Sounds pretty good, and it took me like a half hour to cook, and in the end it didn’t really taste like anything!  I guess that’s the gamble when you try something new.  I also recently made a couscous salad with raisins and cucumber that wasn’t that good either.

I feel like I’ve wasted such money when I make something and it’s not great. Well, I guess I have because then we don’t eat it.  I usually don’t know how to make the recipe taste any better, either, so it usually gets thrown out.

What the toots can I even do with polenta?  It’s apparently a sub for pasta, but frankly, it doesn’t seem like it to me.  They have completely different texture, and they don’t taste the same.  Maybe it’s because once you slather tomato sauce on either, they both end up tasting the same.

The kale was kind of weird too.  I boiled it and it had a really weird smell.  Though that was the first time I touched kale, so I have no idea if it’s even supposed to smell like that.

 If only I could spend someone ELSE’s money on food, I’d have it made.  Alas.  

Looks like I’ll be enjoying a simple, microwavable burrito today!

Actually, this reminds me of a game I like to play when I smell something really weird cooking, which usually happened when I worked at a hospital.  I call it, “Poop or Food?”  Sometimes you just catch a whiff os a smell and you’re all like, “Is this poop I am smelling, or is it stinky food?”, or at least, I smell things like that.  Especially at a hospital.  Unfortunately I get to play that game very little now.  People just don’t seem to poop and eat as close together in an office as they do in a hospital.  Such a shame.

Fruits & Veggies: Love & Hate


Why do they always stuff a bunch of cantaloupe in a fruit salad?  Any by ‘they’, I mean EVERYONE.  Are cantaloupes that much cheaper?  It’s certainly not for the taste!  In fact, I think the cheapness of the fruit may directly relate to the deliciousness of the fruit.  Like how raspberries are so expensive.  They are expensive because they are DELICIOUS.  Cantaloupe? Not so much.  I am basically forcing myself to eat the cantaloupe out of the salad because it makes up the largest portion of the salad.  How sad.

It’s like cantaloupe is the nerd of the fruits.  It doesn’t look particularly good.  It’s sort of got this 80s stucco look to it, and it comes in a few pastel colors.  In fact, I think cantaloupes are stuck in the 80s.  They need the What Not to Wear crew to get in on this shit and fix them up.  

My apologies to those out there who loves  cantaloupe!  I do not.  In fact, I refused to eat it when I was younger.  Only when I grew up and paid for a fruit salad with my own money did I start eating the lame parts of my fruit salads.

I suppose I do the same thing with a plate of veggies.  I will often selectively avoid one of the veggies.  And it’s not that I don’t like pretty much every veggie, but I eat like a bird and pick at certain parts of my food.  I think I pick out peppers?  

I used to love broccoli, then I hated it, and now I am okay with it.  It’s like we used to date and broccoli broke my vegetable heart, and we didn’t speak for a while.  We’re on speaking terms now, but we’ll never be the same as we were.  Broccoli just hurt me too much.  YOU NEVER CALL, BROCCOLI, YOU NEVER CALL.

And speaking of veggies I used to hate, I really used to hate yams.  But you know what?  YAMS ARE DELICIOUS.  I think I used to hate them because they were orange?  I wouldn’t even taste them.  Now I drench them in butter and a dash of salt and I feel like I am some kind of groumet chef.  But really, the yams are doing all the work.  Sure, they look like turds, but they are probably the most delicious turds I’ve ever had.  But a turd rating isn’t a very good rating scale anyway, and not just for food!

How about you?  What fruits and veggies do you love/hate?

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