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What’s Inside Joe? No one knows…

Joe, Joe, what have you done?

Now everyone who reads your blog is walking around with this nagging voice saying, “Wow, is anyone else lying to me?”

I don’t really know what to say I guess. It’s not really my business I guess.

Though someone I know personally has met Joe and after meeting him, wants nothing to do with him.

That’s about all I got.

Now with Bacon Hat…

Bye Bye Bella


Sadly, over this weekend we had to give up our beloved kittty Bella. Luckily my mom took it. Unluckily, my mom’s cat is now trying to beat up Bella, though that cat is 22 pounds and is almost too fat to run.

There’s a few women who are interested in her though, so hopefully Bella will get her forever home this week!

Campaigning for Winston

Pink is the Stink

Pink Jerseys. WTF? Who in the world let this one slip by? The beloved “sea of red” will no longer be red, but awash in a sea of skanks! I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want this.

Pumpkin Carving 101

I bought a pumpkin the other night with Steve so that I could carve the hell out of it. I honestly don’t remember ever carving a pumpkin with my family, except for last year when I watched my sister do one for my neice. Totally odd hey?
Anyhow, I bought this glorious book of patterns and decided on an Igor science theme for my first pumpkin. I always wondered how the hell people carved pumpkins with such intricate patterns. We used to have this contest in elementary school where they would make a pumpkin display of all the pumpkins that kids carved. Well I can tell you right now that pretty much everyone had their pumpkin carved by their parents. There’s no way a kid can carve an entire scene from The Little Mermaid on the face of a pumpkin!

I didn’t know how my pumpkin was turning out because it’s really hard to tell when you’re just slashing away at the prncil marks, but I almost pooped a hammer when I lit a candle inside and saw what I had done:

AWESOME! I just hope someone doesn’t steal it or smash it!

This cat is BANANAS!

My cat has basically gone insane. Miss Bella Sushi Meow Meow has taken an extreme liking to peeing on my bed. Pretty much every day.

That means I have to wash my down comforter every day. And the sheets. And sometimes the pillowcases.

Last week she peed on a shirt and sweater vest I was going to wear to work.

I’m at my freakin’ wits end over here!

I can’t even sleep under the same blanket as Steve because our main blanket is usually downstairs in the wash! Now sleeping together under one blanket is like a luxury vacation!

She’s pretty much taken to doing this EVERY DAY. Not good.

We tried moving her littler box, changing the litter, buying her a whole new box. Nothing. She’s peeing up a friggin’ storm! I didn’t know such a little kitty was so full of pee!

I was looking up things on the internet about it and it says that she’s obviously mad about something. I’ve tried everything to get her to stop, but nothing is working. I can’t even spray anything in the house to keep her away from places because she’ll just pee somewhere else!

Steve suggested we sew her pee hole shut….though this is a good temporary solution, if we’re going that route we might as well sew Winstons butt closed because it smells! (this part is a JOKE, we wouldn’t sew her pee hole shut…and I doubt she’d sit around long enough to even let us near her pee hole!)

We’re pretty much getting close to a decision as to whether to give her up for adoption. When it comes down to it, we paid about seven times as much for the dog. I don’t want her to go to the Humane Society or the pound. I’ll just suffer through the pee because I don’t want her to have the chance of being killed.

Tough times. Sad times.

These are the times you wish your pet spoke english…

Steppin’ into the future!

I just downloaded “(Jitterbug) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” as my ringtone!

I love technology.

Pug’oween Photo Bonanza!

Pug’oween 2006!

This weekend was Pug’oween! As if a room of pugs isn’t amazing enough, this was PUGS IN COSTUME! Steve put together a short recap on all the pugtacular events!

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