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I gave the dogs some tendon chews

First of all, these chews are stinky! They smell like the ass-end of a cow!  I don’t normally get these for the dogs because of the smell, and the fact that they end up looking like tampons once they chew them for a while.  They were being pretty good on their walk today though, so I thought I’d give them a treat.  They went apeshit for like 2 hours straight with these things!



I just like this photo because Winston is just so overly stoked in the background.

If you’re interested in seeing the whole chewy, delicious set, click on my flickr page!  I warn you, there are some pretty gross looking shots of these chews, but hell, they looked so cute with them I couldn’t resist!

I think they have a cold!

Both my little poopers have runny noses and are kind of coughing a lot.  I’m not sure if I should take them to the vet, or just let them sleep it off.  They’re eating all the same and still have energy, so that’s not different, but seeing them sneeze and cough is a little odd.  They both just got their yearly shots a week or so ago, so that might be why they are kind of ill, but other than that, I can’t really think of anything else that would make them sick…unless they caught a cold at the park?  Can dogs even catch a cold at the dog park?  I didn’t see any sneezing dogs over there last weekend, so I think they caught it from somewhere or something else…

Anyone else had a dog with a cold?  I remember Giggs was sick a little while ago…should they go back to the vet?

New Dog Park!

We found a new dog park the other day on a walk and though we’d take the pups there for a visit. It’s actually fenced in specifically for dogs, so it was a little nicer than the un-fenced area by the seawall…

There was a Jack Russel there that wouldn’t stop humping, well, ANYTHING.  He took quite a fondness to a black dog and just wouldn’t let this other dog rest:

He just kept going…

and going…

and going…

Seriously, this little dog had some game!

Oh yes, and I wasn’t just taking photos of the humper…here’s Winston!

and my little Zelda beeeee!

They must have been at the park like TWO HOURS and they STILL weren’t tired.  I can’t believe it.  These dogs are robots.

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