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Misinformation leads to the grumps!

Current oufit: a shirt and no pants, but I am wearing my new delightful boots. Why have I somehow misplaced my pants you ask? Initially I was meaning to try on the boots with a pair of jeans, but I somehow got sidetracked and decided to put the boots on anyway. Here I sit with boots and no pants. I think people should try this more often at home. Next time you get a new pair of shoes, try wearing them around the house with no pants.
This one is for Caboom! Okay, technically I’m now not even wearing the boots…ahhh, no pants!
I had a rather stressful morning. Bux fired the shift supervisor and then the store kept calling me to cover shifts. I didn’t even want to deal with that because I already informed them I have school and no I wouldn’t cover any extra shifts. After having my AM call me 2 times in a row, I decided to run away from the phone and try looking up my correspondance class. I actually wasn’t even positive as to the exact class name, but I knew it was rad. Turns out I’m in a senior-level social work class on international community development. So totally hyper extreme interesting hooray!
PS-The new MRC layout is a real biatch to get through! WTF?
Anyhow, the whole Blackboard site thingy I have to use to do this course was terribly confusing. Like, more confusing than the fact that in Japan there are no street name signs! Agh. Then Steve calls to hang out and I am frazzled from all the phone calls and desperate attempts at e-navigation! I think I had a bad case of the grumps at this point. Pity. I don’t like the grumps.

I broke free of the grumps by blasting myself further into debt by buying fall/winter boots and a pair of wooden earrings.
Holy effing hell I love buying stuff sometimes. Pity it’s like therapy.
I just finished a rough sketch of Mike slam-dunking on a t-rex, but I can’t seem to find a good program to draw it in. I tried illustrator but I apparently blow at using that program and I don’t think there’s an erase button. Please, if I am mistaken, INFORM ME!

Thank goodness for 4 days off in a row coming up…


How’s this for secret messaging?! Ooooh, secret spy stuff!

The Bleeding Crotch Show

Shhh. I’m hiding. Who am I hiding from? Everyone from where I work. Have you ever worked with someone knowing they’re going to be fired in the next few days? I did this yesterday. It’s a friggin’ shame, especially since we have a severe shortage on staff. Ridiculous. Anyhow, they’ve made scheduling like 3 weeks in advance and are now calling my house nonstop to try and get me to cover. GUESS WHAT?! CLASS STARTS THIS WEEK! Thanks, but I’m good with 25 hours a week and nobody is gonna make me work more. NOBODY.
How silly is it to fire someone who is in management RIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL?! Agh. I don’t get my job.

Oh yeah, since I was discussing Cosmo yesterday, I thought I’d mention this one article from an old issue of YM I thought of thanks to Caboom! It was one of those “embarassing moments” stories about this girl at the pool. She went swimming on her period and was wearing a tampon to prevent embarassing rivers of blood. Anyhow, apparently she got out of the pool and her tampon string was like totally hanging out of her bathing suit. I think either her instructor or a classmate was like, “a string is loose” and yanked her tampon out. How totally embarassing.

I have problems believing this story.

A) What are you doing wearing a tampon with a string that’s 2 feet long? No tampon string I’ve seen has ever been long enough to hang out of ANY pair of underwear I’ve had. Wait, maybe that’s because I’ve been wearing 2 pairs all these years to stay sexy…

B) Who yanks a string off at a pool, ESPECIALLY one from thew CROTCH of someone’s bathing suit?! “Hey, can I potentially rip the crotch out of your bathing suit?! Awesome!”

C) Where would the tampon have been flug post-throw? Wait, even better, who is the hulk that managed to rip a tampon out from INSIDE someone else and manage to get it past their bathing suit crotch and out into the open for everyone to see?

Anyhow, that story has stuck with me for something like 12 years because it’s always been the most unrealistic thing I’ve read.

On yet another note, I can’t seem to get the friggin’ time to finish The DaVinci Code. CRAP! I have my first class in 5 days! No HP for me.

How to TRULY suprise a man in bed!

I’ve yet to make a really substantial post on this new blog, so here goes.

I currently have a tummy ache. I think this is because there’s no food at my house (mom’s on vacation and I haven’t had time to get groceries) and I was supposed to go for breakfast with Mike but he needed sleep so I just ended up eating cheddar-blasted goldfish and nachos. The result of this will likely be irregular poop.

I just finished flipping through an issue of Cosmo Style or something (mom had some mags downstairs)and I found a rather delightful article. It was entitled “Truly Suprise Your Man in Bed” and had a few interesting suggestions. My favorite one was Layer Your Undies. That’s right boys, next time you get a striptease from your lady, beware of the double threat of having to strip through *2* pairs of underwear. What an irregularly special suprise! “Hey baby, let me just slip off thes….HEY, YOU’RE WEARING 2 PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR!!! I AM SO SUPRISED AND AROUSED!”

Later I discovered that 21% of men shave their pubic hair. There’s nothing quite like a freshly shorn scrotum!

I also discovered from this read that Paris Hilton has a new fragrance. I didn’t know the smell of jizz and ass sweat was so trendy.

I also spent a good half hour reading japanese phrases aloud. I can pretty much only say “I’ve had one too many” in japanese, but it’s a start, and really would you expect anything less?



I just fed my step-dad’s cat. When I opened the can, I got a spray of whitefish and tuna on my face.

Vegetarians beware of the dissatisfying spray of fish water from catfood!

Now I’m going to smell like a cat all day.


Slowly but surely we are moving into amazing concert season.

Amazing concerts to come to c-town:

The Arcade Fire with Wolf Parade and The Bellorchestre

Feist with Jason Collet

Metric with Most Serene Republic

Broken Social Scene

Hopefully I can make it to all these sweet-ass shows! Oddly enough the one damn day I have class all day (wednesdays) is the day two of these concerts are on. FART!

I think I just might poop a little when I get to see The Arcade Fire. Excitement hoorayness for me!

I opened a book for a social work class I’m taking today just to see what I’d be dealing with. I brain barfed, which is to say I almost passed out from boredom. I don’t like textbooks much, though I’ve probably read like 40 since I started college. egads!!! Well, at least there’s only like 7 more textbooks I’ll have to read. EVER.

I’m glad I won’t ever have to go back after this year, but it’s going to be so strange to start a “real life” or something like it.

Exciting times.

Feel the fire of my pants

Well, I woke up this morning to no one at home. It was lonely to say the least. I can’t believe how much I miss being at Steve’s! I opened my eyes and was like, “WTF? Where am I?” So strange. Then I get in the shower and the shower head is too high and the water pressure is lacking severely. Where am I?! It’s weird going back to an old routine after 4 months. I’m back with all my nickknacks sitting at my computer desk waiting to go to work at bux. Where did the summer go?

I’m feeling a little ill about going back to work since I fucked up my DFS. I really don’t feel like getting into a discussion with all my classmates about how I fucked up. I feel sick enough about it already. Hopefully not many profs I will have will have heard about it and I can go through the semester peacefully. I am so tired of school. I just want to move out and live something close to a comfortable life on my own. By the end of these 8 months I will have lasted at home almost 6 years more than my sister. I don’t know how I managed that.

Here’s the plan:

Get through 8 months of school
Move out
Get through my work-terms
Save up
Go to either 1) Japan or 2) Thailand (or maybe both if I’m lucky)

That’s the 2 year goal. Hopefully I can do it because I got the mad fever for Asia.

On a more lame note, Steve gets to go to New Orleans for Halloween this year. I will be at home. POOP.

All the umbrellas in London couldn’t hide my love for you

I am now home for 8 months. The last 8 months that I will hopefully have to live at home. It was a nice 4 month break and boy howdy am I going to save my ASS off to move in May.

I miss Steve already. It was lovely to have the one you love fall asleep next to you every night.


I will be back in blogging world in 8 hours. Weird to come home to stay after 4 months of living in various places…

I happen to have the house to myself for 2 weeks! WOOT!


Well folks, it looks like all the bladder shenannigans has been because I AM PREGNANT!

JUST KIDDING! You can all pick your jaws up from off the floor now.

Though…I still don’t know why I was peeing so often. I guess it’s all the genetically agede body parts I’ve been using…

Potty Time!

I have developed the bladder of an 80 year old woman in the past 24 hours. What gives?!

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