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“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

I’m looking to “lighten” my closet, and I still have plenty of good pieces, but there’s no good place to donate clothing to that I can actually walk to downtown, and I’d sort of feel guilty just throwing this stuff out because it’s in good condition, I just happen to be very fickle and impulsive and end up not wearing some stuff more than a few times.  Bad habit, I know, but, I’m trying to buy more things that I can wear with other portions of my wardrobe to make it more versatile.  Thus, I must huck a bunch of stuff out of my closet!
I was thinking about putting stuff up on ebay, but ebay takes a portion of your earnings and then I’d have to go through the trouble of sending the items to whoever buys it, etc.  In short, I am sort of lazy, but at least this would make me some money.  Unless no one buys anything, and then really I will have SPENT money trying to make money…ehhhh….
There’s also a group on Flickr that is a “swap” group where you post a photo of your item and then people swap for other items, but really, there’s nothing on there that I’m really excited to swap for, so that just seems like a waste.
I could also just post some photos and be like, “okay, if you want this, just pay the shipping and I’ll send it to you for free (well, less the shipping fee)” but I don’t know if that would work?
Maybe I should post some photos on here and see what you all think?  It’s just one of those things where my closet is too full and so I’ve needed to take out anything that isn’t in a good rotation, thus, giving me more room for stuff! Huzzah!
What do you normally do when you clean out the closet?

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