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Scratch that Itch

I’ve been painting my nails for the past month, and so far it’s been a pretty nice little relaxing thing I can do once a week.  I haven’t worn nail polish for maybe eight years though because I stopped wearing it while I was working my first real job at Blockbuster Video.  I use the term “real” loosely.  When you work at Starbucks you’re not supposed to wear nail polish, lest a piece of you polish fly off your nail and into a latte for some unsuspecting sucker to ingest!
Since the bux I’ve just been too lazy to paint my nails, but now that OPI has become pretty standard for being a reliable nail lacquer, I’ve been experimenting more with colors.
So after a string of very bright colors (yellow being the last) I decided to paint my nails with a cheapy Rimmel polish called “Pink Opal.”
Three coats later and I am stuck in that “can’t do anything with your hands at all or you will eff your nails and have to start all over” phase.  With OPI I think that phase lasts like 2 minutes, but I must have forgotten my cheaper polish application would need a good 10 minutes before I could do anything.
So I go to bed and I test my nails to see if I’ll get the dreaded “sheet crease” in any of the nails, but it feels good, so I think I’m okay.
Then I get an itch on my ass.  And I go deep, forgetting that I have just recently applied nail polish, and shouldn’t be excavating any itches until the next day, after the polish has had a chance to harden.  So I scratch, thus relieving my butt itch.
Then I notice that the polish on my index (re: scratching finger du jour) has pushed back from the sheer force of my scratching!  And I am out of nail polish remover!
So now I have to look at my index finger until I get more polish remover and know that I was ass-deep in scratches last night in bed.
I call it, “The Finger of Shame!”

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