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Another day, another chance to catch a cold…again

That’s right, I haven’t posted because for the third time in maybe two, three months?  I am sick.  AGAIN.  And I never get sick.  Ever since I worked at the hospital I’ve been pretty immune to your basic cold.  Something keeps making me sick here.  The only thing I can attribute it to is someone I work with.  I didn’t get sick at my last job, and that involved a less clean environment, so I don’t understand what’s doing it now!  I take multivitamins, I try to drink lots of water, I get more exercise than last year.  It’s a mystery to me!

Sadly, that effs up my NaPoBloMo, but I’ve been pretty good, so I am going to give myself a break.  Not from blogging, but from feeling bad that I missed a day here and there :0)

Each of these colds have been slightly different, so I’m not sure who they are coming from.  Maybe I’m just allergic to a shitty work situation??  Indeed.

In other news, I went to the chiropractor for the first time today to see if I could help my spine out a bit. My mom used to crack my back when I was little, thus setting me up to have a fucked up back for life. Now I need Steve to squeeze me every so often to get my back to pop (yes, I know this is bad) just to feel better.  I think it’s the desks at this new job?  I sit in a VERY uncomfortable chair that cost probably $10, whereas the bosses sit in $150-$300 chairs.  Naturally.

So apparently upon first look, the entire left side of my body is much more tense, and slightly higher than my right.  Everywhere!  My hips are out of alignment, my shoulders, my arms.  It’s like I’ve been walking on a slant my whole life.  This likely also comes from my mom, because we both like to stand with one leg crossed over the other, with one foot on top of the other.  I shit you not.  This is how I stand the most comfortably.  Go figure.  Anyway, I got some xrays done so I’ll get a nice look at my bones come Tuesday when I go back.  Then maybe we’ll get some poppin’ started!

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