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Tangle Jangle

This weekend consisted of two things.  Me finding out I had a hole in my favorite pair of jeans, and then me realizing that my hair is returning to a tangled mess.  I don’t know how to solve either of these!
Basically I’ve gone to about 15 stores looking for jeans.  I just want relatively skinny jeans that aren’t ridiculously expensive.  I must have tried on 10 pairs of pants, and only one was close to fitting, but it said, “CAUTION: The colour on these pants may bleed onto other fabric.”  What?!  I’ve had this happen on the odd occasion, but I’ve never received a warning in advance.  Why would they do this?  There wasn’t anything mentioned about the dye helping them fade properly, like you’d see with raw denim.  Maybe I’m just too cheap to shell out for “premium” denim.  Oh wait, I AM.  I even went to Old Navy, but they don’t have any skinny jeans.  WHYYYYY?  
Ok, let’s get real, I own a pair of blak jeans, and then tow pairs of wide leg jeans, and then a pair of straight leg jeans.  I’m sure I could survive.  The skinny jeans are the old steadfast, but I cannot find a pair in sight.  
There happens to be a store by my work that sells only jeans. Very good news.  However, I believe their pants START at $100 and go up to $800.
“I’ll have your finest pair of your cheapest jeans, please!” I am so refined.
Okay, I am willing to go upwards of $120 for a REALLY, REALLY amazing pair of jeans, but if I don’t have to, I don’t want to.  At least not right now.  Because your clothing wearing out right before Xmas?  SUCKS. Excuse me while I go put on my barrel dress with rope suspenders.
And then we come back to my never-ending hair issues.  TANGLES!  WILL THE MADNESS END?!  I thought I struck gold with this crazy Burt’s Bees shampoo/conditioner combo, but over the last two weeks it’s been crazy tangle madness.  All-natural shampoo/conditioner has been nice though.  I feel like I’ve got some kind of buildup or something?  Buildup and tangles?  Mmmm yeah, I am making myself sound REAL nice and classy.
I can’t find kids detangling shampoo anywhere near me.  Are there no kids in downtown Vancouver?  Are there no tangles?!  WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!? I plan on scouring the city until I detangle my damn hair.  You know what works?  That stuff you use after you dye your hair.  Why do they not sell bottles of this?!  Is it so I’ll keep dying my hair?  I have never found something that has worked as well, and I’ve tried a bajillion brands of conditioner.
I have too much time on my hands.

June 2020
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