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A Month of SwoC

After much thought, and much wasted money, I’m sure, I’ve decided to go one month without buying clothing.  For some, this may not be such a big deal, but I am a fashion addict, and I pretty much love buying stuff. I have come to realize over and over that some of the time I am just buying something to buy it, and I’m not taking into consideration what my real needs are, and where the holes are in my closet.  Sometimes I will buy something because it’s esthetically pleasing, not even because it matches something in my closet.  Thus, I am stuck with an overflowing bedroom of clothing.  I’m going to work on getting myself a fully functional closet as well.  One that won’t be pouring out onto the floor…and the bed…and shelves….oh dear. I am personally committing myself to going one month without buying anything (clothing-wise, I mean, come on, I’ve got to eat!).  

Just to make sure I don’t cheat myself out of a valuable learning experience, today is day one.  So for the next 30 days I will not buy any clothing.  Seriously, just thinking about this is making me want to freak out. Though I will likely have a lot more cash at the end of one month!

I got the idea from a fellow blogger, who like I, enjoys buying clothing a little too much.  You can read about her SwoC experience HERE.

So off we go, one month of Style without Consuming!

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