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The Smell of a Pug in the Spring

I like the way you folks think. I am thinking that Winsotn and Zelda are maybe just trying to say, “Hey, quit leaving your clothes all over the house!” and since dogs don’t speak english, they pee on stuff. I just need to get a nice steam cleaner and let it do the work! Then we’ll be pee free!
No one has peed in the bed recently, myself included, so the sheets can breathe a sigh of relief. I’m glad I nipped that one before it got out of hand, because that was pretty much the reason we had to get rid of Bella a few years ago, and frankly, there’s just no way that I am giving any animals up. How could I?! Impossible.
In hobo news, Steve was waiting for me outside my work the other day and a hobo asked him if he’d like to see his “bum.” Now I’m thinking, hey, that guy IS a bum, but I wonder what exactly that guy was thinking when he asked Steve if he’d like to have a gander at his ass. Maybe he thought it would start a sexy situation, because you know there’s nothing sexier than an unwashed bottom. Especially an unwashed, un-toilet-papered bottom! Check THIS out!
May I also announced that there are bloomed flowers out here?! WTF! I am not used to this. Flowers, green grass, birds. It’s like I’m living in a Mary Poppins type world. With smelly hobos who like to use their asses as invitations. Amazing.
I am also doing better on the medication today. Though I find I get daily headaches. Does this happen to anyone else? I found I had to do this on Effexor as well, so I’m not surprised, but I read the other day that it’s bad for your liver if you take an ibpruofin every day. MY POOR LIVER! I don’t really drink, so I assume my liver is pretty strong. It can bench press a Golden Girl, FYI. I didn’t know that ibpruofin could actually hurt your liver though. I mean, everything in moderation, right, but I find I need to take at least one ibuprofen every other day at least, and I don’t want to kill the ‘ol liver with medicine.

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