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NaPoBloMo Begins!

So here we go, and attempt at blogging every day in November!
I hope you all had a ghoulish Halloween! I spent mine indoors, but it was made lovely thanks to Steve buying a pumpkin and having us carve it together! So lovely. I also roasted the seeds. BONUS DELICIOUSNESS!
Last night was also the one night of the year that it’s legal to fire off fireworks in Vancouver, so you can bet there were explosions-a-plenty. Someone let off a nice set of them right in the park in front of our building, so I got to see some close up fireworks from above! Unfortunately, some drunkards let off fireworks at around 5am in the park as well, which was NOT a bonus, and made Winston go nuts.
I thought I might feel a wee bit better today, but I seem to still be too ill to have any fun. I drove to Kitsilano to the one doggy supply store that sells antlers in Vancouver. THEY ARE SHUTTING DOWN! Now where the tits am I going to get them from? I would think that Vancouver, being huge, would have a few places that have antlers, but over the course of a year I haven’t found more than one store that carries them. The shitty thing is that when I got down to Kits and parked (you have to pay to park everywhere here) the pay meter was BROKEN. LAMERZ! There was also a hobo sleeping in the parking lot, which I decided NOT to park in front of. Then I had a dilema of “do I park and run to the shop, or do I park somewhere else?” but I forgot my cell (big surprise for me) so I couldn’t phone and pay either! And this store is only open on the weekend on Saturday, so I basically booked it to the store, bought the antlers, and got the hell out of there before I got a ticket. It’s such a shame though because Kits is so lovely, especially in the Autumn! But the pugs were pretty stoked when I showed them the antlers, so all was worth it.
For some reason one of my tires was close to flat, so I had to fill that bitch up! The damn tires aren’t even more than a year and a half old, so I am going to be pretty bummed if I have to replace them, especially after just spending a bajillion dollars trying to get the car running. Here’s hoping!

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