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Needle and Thread

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sewing, and that I ought to get back in the habit.  but first!  I must get a sewing machine!  Or, a new one that is.  I took sewing classes from grade 7-12, so I did it for 6 years, but after high school, there weren’t any random sewing classes in college, so I just stopped.  

Well, I stopped sewing with the guide of a teacher.  I think I may have done some lame alterations on my own.  And that was with a suuuuuper old sewing machine that belonged to my grandma.  It was so old it didn’t have a foot pedal, it had a sort of outer thigh bar that you had to press with your leg. Hers was the only sewing machine I’ve ever seen like it.  It wasn’t a bad machine, but it was VERY, VERY heavy.  So no thanks.  I think I left it in Calgary?  Or my mom has it? Or maybe it got up and walked away?

I thought it might be fun to make some skirts and shirts, but I haven’t sewn in so long that I don’t know if I should really invest in it?  I mean, it’s probably good to have a sewing machine.  And I can make one kick ass pillow, let me tell you!  Squares ahoy!  And I can do one mean invisible stitch by hand.  

I guess I’m just sort of “meh” to all the clothing I’ve seen lately, and to the ridiculous prices for simple garments.  I’m all like, “I could do that, pfft! Get me a sewing machine and fabric and let’s do this!”

It doesn’t help that there’s basically NO ROOM in our apartment though, and I doubt the dogs would take kindly to the sound of a sewing machine without trying to attack it.  

What’s a girl to do?!

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