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By the Seawall…

Steve and I found a live starfish!  Unfortunately I was dressed maybe “not so well” in lovely little shoes that wouldn’t allow me to venture out and see it first hand.

The tide got really high last night and washed ashore the elusive “sea broccoli”, which you non-Vancouverites might just call “garbage”.  But I think we all see the treasure of broccoli here.  It doesn’t look like terribly old broccoli, either, so how the hell did it end up in the inlet???  Actually, truth be told I saw at least 3 tampon applicators washed ashore in all this crap within about 30 seconds, which doesn’t speak very well for the quality of water.  I just can’t figure out how all this shit gets into the inlet???

Here’s my little feets by some of the stuff that washed up onto the pathway on the seawall.  Notice I was wearing tights.  It started raining the MOMENT we stepped outside.  DAMNIT!  But you know what?  Whatever.  I rocked the shit out of those tights in the rain

Here’s Steve pointing out some more garbage washed ashore.  If you look in the background you can see how low the water level was by the afternoon, but overnight it was all the way up onto the seawall

Then I noticed the very rare “ocean moccasins” washed ashore.  What really freaks me out about these is HOW DID THE PAIR WASH ASHORE TOGETHER?!!

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