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The Iceberg Bathroom

Oooh yeah, there’s nothing like waking up late for work, am I right?!  Every once in a while my phone’s alarm won’t go off and let me tell you what a fun morning THAT makes.  Waking up with a gasp of, “WHAT TIME IS IT?!” and then checking the time only to see that it’s 40 minutes AFTER you were supposed to be up!  Oh boy!  

I don’t think I’ve ever flown out of the shower so fast in my life.  I have to shower, even if I’m late.  I feel like a dirty sock when I don’t shower.  

That used to happen sometimes at the hospital when I’d wake up late, and then I’d have to sit in scrubs all dirty with unwashed hair all day thinking I smelled.  I probably didn’t smell at all.

I managed to get ready and out the door in 35 minutes, which is actually like a fucking miracle for me, as I somehow take 50 minutes usually (what am I DOING?!).  Though I did look in the mirror and my hair seems to be a little busted.  What’s worse is that I am sweating like a hog from having to basically Sonic the Hedgehog it all the way to work, a walk which usually takes oh, 30 min took me maybe 10-15.  I would have hoped after long enough of a stretch of walking to work that I’d be totally in shape for walking to and from work, but no no, I am still sweatin’ to the oldies by the time I finally rest my butt in my chair.  I’m surprised that I don’t just melt completely, but that’s probably because come Autumn, my office here turns into an iceberg.  

What is it with these historical buildings???  Did they not have HEAT?  Wait, probably not.  That’s why going to the bathroom is like going pee in an igloo.

And also?  Why do people have the WORST BATHROOM EXPERIENCES all at one time in the morning?  Some stinky dude put the men’s bathroom out of order, and now the women’s bathroom smells like a pig farm.  ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS FILL THE WATERING CAN FOR ALL THE PLANTS IN MY OFFICE THAT I SEEM TO BE KILLING!!  Is it too much to ask for someone to oh, crack a window if they are shitting themselves?  Ridiculous.

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