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For the socially conscious dog


And here I was worried about all that dog AIDS going around.  But really, doesn’t this just spoil the mood for those really romantic dogs who like to buy their bitch some wine and flowers?


Cables ‘n Bits

Isn’t this the cutest little doggy shrug you’ve ever seen?!  I must make this for baby Zelda!

Link to the pattern here!

A Pug Lover’s Christmas Wish List

On the advice of Goodboy Norman Featherstone’s Mom, I have made a list of the top things that any pug lover would enjoy this Christmas.  And I’m not talking cheesy, lame pug things.  I am talking about hip items for the every day pug owner who likes to show their love for all things pug:

A pug luggage tag.  Tired of never knowing which suitcases are yours?  Why not slam your luggage with pug-themed things?!  I think this is absolutely adorable, and I’d likely just clip it to my purse or something in an attempt to show my pug pride!


Or how about maybe a HUGE pug magnet for the fridge?  I love this, and I’m sure it would bring hours of entertainment to see my little puggies bark at this thing!

Or maybe these silver plated pug salt and pepper shakers will be your delight in the dining room?


Of course no pug lover can go without her antique pug necklace while she’s at all those Christmas parties!

Or if a classier version is more your style, check out this sterling silver, gold, or white gold bracelet.  I like the simple lines of the pug, and I think it makes wearing your pug pride look really beautiful, not cheesy.

Maybe you’re into a more casual pug love, eh?  How about this Pug Power t-shirt?  I own a t-shirt from this place and it’s really great.  Comfy, lots of colours to choose from, and pretty reasonably priced!

Maybe a fun and whimsical pug painting?  I love the tongue sticking out on this one!

My favourite item that I own and recommend is the Living With Pugs book. This book was highly recommended by my pal, Amanda, and is one of the nicest pug items I own. It’s a great coffee table book, and a really informative book on the breed. The photography of pugs in the book is to die for, it’s absolutely gorgeous as well.

Hopefully this gave you some good gift ideas for the pug lover in your life, or you know, since a lot of you like pugs, I mean, you can always pick something up for yourself, right?!

Am I making good time on this?


Check out my crazy eyes in this photo!  I look like this right now after spending the past 4 hours trying to teach myself to crochet.  I made that dumpy little piece of crap that I have displayed so gracefully on my head.  So far, that’s all I’ve made by crocheting, and I’m sure it took me about ten times longer than someone experienced, but it’s all about practice, right?  Is four hours to learn to crochet making good time?  Does anyone else out there know how to crochet?  Oh man I could have stabbed myself in the beginning, but it’s getting easier.

In other news, Winston is ferociously humping Zelda tonight.  I don’t know why tonight out of all nights, but he’s really loving it today.  Maybe it’s the joy of the season that brings dogs boners, I just don’t know.

What I do know is, I am cross-eyed now from trying to crochet!  Who needs liquor?!

Start Decking Those Halls

Ahhh, now things are looking a little more festive.  The city began decorating on the first of the month, which is a new Christmas record I think for over-eager decorating to induce consumer madness.  The lights are pretty though, and they make a good tether to choke other shoppers with!


The best decorating I’ve seen so far has been this bus, which I saw while driving yesterday.  I almost crashed into it with excitement, but then I thought, hey, I’ll never see it again if I drive right into it.  bus.jpg

My lack of posting on the weekend was due to Zelda and Winston being sick.  I am pretty sure Winston has a cold, as he sounds like an SUV when he breathes, but Zelda had a more interesting illness that involved vomiting about 20 times in a row until she was shivering.  Not the best way to wake up on a Sunday morning.

She’s okay now, so no worries there, but just seeing your poor little dog heaving up spit because there’s just nothing left in her tummy was painful to watch.  Okay, not nearly as painful as actually vomiting that many times, but I was just left there helpless, trying to hold her as she heaved. 

I’m not sure what brought on the heaves, but I decided that it was time to switch ingredients with the doog food I’ve been making them.  The meals turn out to be really cheap when you cook anyhow, so I figured that paying $3 more for chicken breast instead of beef was a small cost in the grand scheme of things.  Instead of the usual beef, rice, and carrots, now they are getting sweet potato, chicken, and green beans!  Man, these meals sound better than most of the things I know how to cook for humans!

Can I just tell you how weird it is to cook ground chicken?!  It looks like popcorn when it cooks, which is just about the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.  The nice thing is that it doesn’t really smell at all, and there’s pretty much no fat.  BONUS FOR VEGETARIANS WHO COOK MEAT FOR THEIR DOGS!

That was pretty much my weekend.  Cleaning up dog barf and cuddling them after.  Boo!

I did get inspired by Noman’s mom’s post about knitting and went and got myself some bamboo needles and new yarn!  Woo!  I learned how to knit in high school when I was in Fashion Studies, but it was really hard to learn because I am left handed and my teacher was right handed.  It just turned into one confusing ordeal, so I tried on my own to reasonable success.  I haven’t picked up the needles for a long time, but it was really relaxing to get into a grand attempt at a scarf again!  I think I might look into crochet and see if I can pick that up easily as well.  You can make all kinds of crazy stuff when you knit, and I am looking forward to actually making something again, as my art school days have long since passed.  Maybe a trip to Michaels is in store today? 

Can I tell you how much I love the smell of a craft store?  I could work a twelve hour day in a craft store, just based on the smell.  I love the smell of freshly cut wood, crafters glue, fake flowers and potpurri!  Maybe I was a little prarie settler in a previous life??

Just when you think it’s safe…

BLAM!  Your little pug takes a huge dump and eats it while you’re blowdrying your hair!

I thought we were mostly past the turd-burgling but by the lip smacking I saw this morning, baby Zelda doesn’t seem to be over the poop munchies.

 Interestingly, I think she might have been more into the poop because her and Winston knocked over a sour apple slurpee into their litter box and must have slurped some up while I was out on Monday (GROSS).  Anyhow, both of them are pooping green at the moment, which leaves them both as suspects. 

Also in dog news, I’ve come to realize over the past week that in my sleep I am actually accomodating the dogs while I am sleeping.  I am physically pushing my own body to the edge of my bed, and manage to give the dogs about two people worth of space, so that when I wake up, I’m all like AAAAGH MY SPINE!!!!  I’m not really sure how to solve this.  I love the puppies sleeping with us, but I have to figure out how to force myself some room in my sleep! 

Dear unconscious me,

You are being stupid.  Why are you letting the pugs take up all the space in the bed?!  You are the master!  Do you want your spine to curl into a pretzel??  Shape up!



This is generally the face Zelda makes when I take her photo.

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