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Turning Point

I think it really takes something jolting like having to write that last post to make me see what I have to do.  I know I have things to work on, but I’ve been so confused and negative about what to do.  I knew I had to go get this book I had seen a long time ago, that it would really hold for me what I needed to get started.   I took a few hours at a coffee shop and read the whole thing, and it actually made me feel a whole lot better about life in general.

I realized through some introspection that I have a really nagging Chatterbox that constantly nags at me in a negative way, and that I really need to stop it from getting to me.  I am constantly nagging at myself and thinking bad thoughts, and I don’t think that brings anything good my way.

I’m going to work on that one day at a time and I am going to be more positive about everything.  Yes, that’s a whole lot of things, but I’m not going to do it all at once, but I really need to forgive and forget, and just move on with some stuff, some of it involving M, and some of it not.

July 2020
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