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Wash that butt!


Things must be too hot in my household because the hot water went out again.  The odd thing is that the cold water is actually warmer than the HOT water.  I don’t know how they manage to do it, but the water that’s supposed to be hot is travelling up umpteen floors and then dumping ice cold water into the tub.
That’s fine on the weekend, but I am a body-cleanliness freak, so if I don’t shower once a day, I feel pretty gross until I can shower again.  Actually, this was also fine when I worked at the hospital and was just wearing scrubs because really, everyone is pretty much wearing pajamas to work.  In a smaller office setting though, no shower = no fun! 
This happened about three months ago and I felt disgusting all day, and wouldn’t let anyone in the office come near me until the next day.
Today though?  Today I am smelling sweet as a flower.  I’m not overly aware of any random odors, so things are looking good.  I can’t decide if I ought to get in the shower after work, because do I really want to have to blow dry/reapply makeup when I am pretty sure all I will be doing is cleaning?  Not so much. I’m thinking a nice pug snuggle is more appealing, and really, they bathe what?  Once a month? 
Also, somehow my hair ended up coming out fabulous from sleeping on it with hairspray, which happens maybe twice a year, so I figure I ought to just go with it!  Let the miracles work my friends, the magical hair fairies have struck my tangerine head with a great hair day (my hair was recently dyed copper).
One thing that bothers me about not showering in the morning is that I can’t seem to wash my hands enough to make them feel clean.  They just feel dirty ALL DAY.  Sucks to that!  I get the same feeling with my face as well, as if I have some sort of greasy gross face (I don’t, thanks!), but man, I just can’t shake the “I haven’t showered” feeling on those two body parts.
And on another note, how often do you wash your hair?  I have been an avid hair-washer since I can remember because I had such oily skin when I was young that my hair would grease up within 24 hours.  I guess I never grew out of thinking that my hair was a greasy mess for some reason?  I can maybe make it 2 days without washing OR water, but I absolutely need a wash on day three.  And for those of you not washing your hair every day, do you get it wet?  I’m just wondering how all these women can put hair products in their hair and not have to wash, or at least get it wet, daily?


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